Margaret “Maggie” Lewis was born on March 25, 1874 in Sokia, Turkey to the Rev Bucknor Lewis and Leila “Lizzie” Williamson. Maggie trained as a nurse at the Staffordshire Royal Infirmary. 1901, Maggie took her sister Ethel to South Africa to marry Harry Pengelley, whose wife had died, leaving a baby girl, Kathleen. Harry lived in Kimberley with Maggie’s brother Alfred and they both worked in the De Beers diamond mines. Their landlord was a man named William Simpson, who was a carpenter, working in the same mine. After Harry and Ethel were married, Maggie and William Simpson fell in love and were married. Simpson was a Scotsman, but a nationalized American. He had a brother in North Dakota; he had lived there and had a claim of land but had not farmed it. William returned to North Dakota with Maggie. The couple had five children, three born in Kimberley, S. Africa and two born in Ray, ND. Maggie died in 1968 and is buried in the Sunset Rest Cemetery in Ray, North Dakota.

Maggie’s siblings were:

William Lewis 1873 - William lived and worked in Southern Egypt. William was Sexton at St. John's Church at the Point Richard Purdon Lewis 1876 – 1941 Purdon married Mabel Wilkin, his first cousin. He was a contractor for dredging the Suez Canal and they lived in Ismalise, Egypt. Kenneth was their first child and Mary next, then Leila. Kenneth was in the Royal Air Force and during the Second World War he trained the Polish young men who escaped to England into a fine Polish Air Force. He had two sons and a lovely wife. Mary is also a good business woman. Purdon died of cancer in 1941. Mary, who had worked in her father's office, carried on his business. When the Italians began to drop bombs on the British troops in Egypt during the 2nd World War, Mary sold the business and went to South Africa with her mother. Her sister Leila was in charge of a children's concentration camp in Alexandria. Mary worked as a stenographer in Rhodesia and married and had a girl. Mabel lived in Rhodesia with Mary.

Helen Lewis 1877 – 1963 Helen trained in England as a nurse, married Caleb Lawrence, a professor at the International College in Paradise, Turkey. In 1932, she moved to a farm in Norton, MA. Helen is buried at the Plains Cemetery in Norton, MA

Alfred Bucknor Lewis 1882 – 1948 Alfred was in charge of a copper mine at Broken Hill in Northern Rhodesia. He married Nancy Averill, a friend of his sister Helen, in 1913, whom he had met 10 years earlier. Reggie was born to them in Africa and two years later, in 1915, Alfred took her to England where Johnny was born. Alfred left her in England while he went to North Dakota to work for William Simpson, Maggie's husband, on a farm. Nancy followed that fall. Alfred worked for the American Express Company in Boston, lived in Melrose, MA.

Ethel Lewis 1881 – 1953 Ethel trained as a nurse at the Presbyterian Mission Hospital in Tanta, Egypt. Ethel married Harry Pengelly and lived in S. Africa. Doreen was born to Ethel in 1910. Ethel and Doreen had gone to Melrose, MA from England. Ethel is buried at the Plains Cemetery in Norton, MA.

Louisa Lewis 1885 – 1952 Unmarried, moved from Turkey to Norton, MA. Louisa is buried at the Plains Cemetery in Norton, MA.

John Williamson Lewis 1887 – 1970 Jack was an engineer on the British Railways in Malay. Jack and his wife Helen lived in England during WWII. They had two sons, Patrick and Michael. They later moved to the US.

Dorothy Lewis 1888 – 1921 Dorothy worked as a nurse at the British Seamen’s Hospital in Smyrna, Turkey. In 1915, Dorothy went to Malay to keep house for her brother Jack, who was an engineer on the British Railways. There she married Jim Latimer, the manager and chief engineer of a tin mine and they were married in 1917. Her twins, Peggy (Adams) and Neil, were born in 1918. She got cancer in her right lung, and, in October, 1920, Jack brought her to Smyrna with the twins, who were then two years old. Her Mother took such good care of her. Her sister Helen took care of the twins, and Jim was with her when she died on the 9th of May, 1921. She was buried near her mother, in the Boudja, Turkey church graveyard.

Ruth Lewis 1892 – 1942 Ruth worked as a nurse in the British Army Hospital in Alexandria. She married, John Longstaff, and had a baby Heather. Mary “Tottie” Lewis 1894 - Mary trained in England as a nurse, and she was superintendent of a Greek hospital in Alexandria. 1910, Tottie, who was married and lived in Broken Hill in Northern Rhodesia, had a boy.

On 17 April 1896, a public meeting was held at Dr Henry Jessup's house in Beirut, to announce the plan for founding 'the first Home for the insane in Bible Lands'. The campaign was launched, Waldmeier travelled to Europe and the USA to collect funds, and the Beirut Executive Committee was founded. The first meeting of the London General Committee (LGC) was held at the Bethlem Royal Asylum on 11 March 1897 and its Medical Superintendent, Dr Percy Smith, was elected as Chairman. The Asfuriyeh estate was purchased in April 1898, six miles from the centre of Beirut. The Hospital opened on 6 August 1900 with 10 patients. The Hospital's Constitution and Rules were formally drawn up in 1907. Under the Constitution, the Beirut Committee officially became the local executive committee in Beirut of the London General Committee, which retained overall authority over the Hospital. Source:


July 26, 1906 July 30th: Long train journey, left at 7 am- Beautiful scenery. On arrival drove to Hotel V, had tea and then drove to Salakie (Syria) and had a magnificent view of Damascus and surrounding country, which is very beautiful. The town looks like a barren island in a sea of green. Lalaki, the part of the town we drove to for the view, is composed of immigrants - Kurds, Circassians and Cretans. After, we returned to the Irish Mission school where Miss Gordon, the principal, was kindly putting us up. We were all glad of an early bed.

July 31st: Got up early and after breakfast started off to the brass bazaar - First went and saw the East Gate and the wall where St Paul got down from in a basket. The brass place was must interesting. We went all over and saw everything. Some of the workers were small boys of 5 or 6. We then went into the shop and each bought something. I got only a little pot. After that we went and saw the British Syrian school and then the Irish Mission boarding school and then home to Miss G. for lunch. After a rest, which we all needed and a cup of tea, we went off to the Souk sweets and got post cards and various other things. It got dark early in those closed up bazaars, so we had to leave before we had seen or got half we wanted. While at supper Mr. McFarlan came in a Master in the Boys School.

Aug 1st: Were up early again and started off as soon as we could First, we went to an old mosque, a huge building dedicated to St John the Baptist. There is a shrine where his head is supposed to be buried. We had to put slippers over our shoes. We climbed up the minaret 182 steps. Such a bird's eye view from the top. There, the same thing struck one, the barrenness of the town and the greenness of the surrounding country. There are hardly no gardens to the houses, only a large open court with a fountain in the middle some creepers and small trees about. The streets of Damascus are awful things like dingy tunnels and so narrow and yet carriages seem able to pass through them. The entrances to the houses are also very funny - narrow little dark passages. After the mosque we went again to the Souk and saw such beautiful things like rugs, curtains, etc. I bought a pretty enameled pot. We stopped there until it was time for lunch for which we went to the Palace Hotel to save our going back all the way. They gave us a very good lunch to which we did very good justice. We had about an hour rest there as Mr. C (Crawford) had some work to do and then started off again round the town. We went almost into every bazaar, there is the brass, the Souk. the handkerchief, the shoes, the clog, the musrabiah, the saddles, the horse, the sweet etc. Mr. & Mrs. (Crawford) are just splendid for taking one around and know the town so well. Mr. had a tale for almost street we passed through. We bought belts in the Souk. Hurried back early as we were invited to tea at Miss Logan, the head of the Irish Girls boarding school. After a wash, we went there with Miss Jordan and were just dying for our tea and did good justice to all the good things prepared for us. Then back where we got packed had an early supper and got off to bed early as we had to get up at dawn the next day. Miss Curtis turned up this afternoon.

August 2nd: Thursday We're up early and got the rest of our things packed and off. We are to take a train to a place called Ain Figi and begin our riding from there. We left Miss J about 7:45 and all were sorry to say goodbye to Miss J. She was to have come with us but did not feel very well so gave it up. Our train left 8:30 Figi is a beautiful spot all poplar trees and fruit trees. It was about 10 minutes’ walk from the station. Our horses were late ln coming so we stopped and lunched there. The stream was simply icy cold. Over the spring and old temple was built - but there is not much to be seen now - only a wall and a few stones. The spring comes out with such force - a stone about an oke (2 3/4 lbs) does not sink but is carried away. The water slowly bubbles out and such a huge quantity of it. The store that feeds it must be tremendous. It is snow water from the mountains. We lunched in a wood of poplars and after cleaning up, started off on our adventures. How nervous we all were. I know I was. The horses were restive and the flies bothered them and we did not understand each other (horse & riders) and the road was narrow. My heart was continually in my mouth lest a horse should slip and go crashing down. There was a steep hill to our right and a precipice to our left. I kept wondering how Mr. C ever thought of taking a lot of helpless ladles on such a journey. Mr. Barnes from the college was also one of the party. Mr. & Mrs. Crawford and Miss Thornton, Miss Friend, Miss Curtis, Miss Van Gandt, Mr. Barnes and myself. Well, we got on all right and it was a very pretty ride indeed - a11 along fruits & gardens. Such walnut trees full of fruit also apples. We reached our first camping place safe after nearly two hours ride. Nowan Crawford met us there. Unfortunately, our baggage was late in coming so after getting fixed up, there was no time for a walk - only a stroll round. We meant to visit some tombs that were round about but had to content ourselves with viewing them from afar. The name of this place is Wady Barada, a pretty spot with a deep valley below. It was great fun - putting up tents and preparing, though I am afraid we were more hinderance than help. (It was very strange sleeping out and I slept very little imagining there were snakes and creatures and thieves prowling round.) By the time all was prepared, we were mighty hungry for our supper & did good justice to the meal prepared for us by Mrs. C - boiled rice, stewed fruit jam, coffee etc. After washing up and clearing away, it was dark so lanterns were lit and we retired. We girls went down to the brook and had a good bath piece meal in cold water which was most refreshing. We were all pretty tired and ready for our beds. I had a little camp bed lent me by Miss G. as mine was too good to take. Mrs C said and might get spoilt, so it being a borrows one, I left it behind. There were a lot of sand flies which were a great nuisance and kept us awake, besides the novelty of sleeping out.

Aug 3rd: Up again at dawn packing up and hauling down tents. Had a hasty breakfast of porridge, coffee and jam & then on our horses and started off about 7:15. We had a very long ride that day. The first part was very tough but it got better bye & bye. Over a narrow bridge with a deep fall below, Miss Friend's saddle turned and she nearly fell but she pluckily stuck on and the horse trotted over. It was very difficult to go to her help as the place was so narrow. But she managed to get off safely and Mr. C came up and settled it again. On our way we came across a huge black snake – Nowan’s delights over it. His father got off and shot it for him and he carries it on his horse - ugh! It was fully 6 ft long. After 5 hours ride, we came to the spring where we were going to lunch and oh how tired and stiff we were and how glad for the rest and hungry for our meal - We had tea, cucumbers, jam, potted chicken and ate heartily. Riding in the blazing sun makes one both very hungry and thirsty. It was not at all as hot is I expected. In the valleys it was pretty bad but ln the open spaces quite fresh and nice. Our way was mostly through barren dried up country. We had a good long rest nearly two hours at our lunching place. We were stopping at a house that night so there was no need for us to hurry to get up tents etc. The man got off before we did so as to get supper ready. We had about two hours more ride to get in. Mr. C had kindly allowed me to ride astride on his horse and the comfort of it. If I ever go on another trip again I shall always ride astride. We did about 7 hours ride today and when we got to Rashayah (Lebanon) we were so thankful and how I ached especially under my right knee where it goes over the pummel. We were very glad to get done riding for that day. We put up at Dr Elias Leen’s house and were most kindly received and entertained. After a rest and wash up we walked up to the Castle situated over the town and were shown the cellars where the Christians were put and promised security in the time of the massacres and were after brought out taken up to a kind of balcony, heads cut off and their bodies thrown down into the yard till it got piled up. This castle belonged to the Shehabb family and one of their descendants is a patient in the Asfuriyeh, just restitution for their cruelty. The view was beautiful from the top, such a stretch of green, and then the barren hills. We had a huge supper of yahni koussa, rice, stewed fruit and nectarines. We got to bed as early as we could, all we ladies slept in a large room and the gentlemen outside. Did not have much sleep, there were mosquitoes and a cat jumping in and out of the windows. Dr Elias knows English and so does his brother Joussef and his wife. Mr. Jossef is the head master of the Boys American mission school.

August 4th: Woken at daybreak with Mr. C calling out "all aboard" and all. I think we’re glad to get up as the night was not very comfortably passed. After packing and a hasty breakfast, we got off about 7:15. We started off and went out of our way, two hours ride, to see an old temple to Baal right up on a hill right up on a hill. I hired a man’s saddle from Cand rode most comfortable. The way to this temple was simply awful in parts-sheer rocks for the horses to climb. Mine slipped at one place and went sprawling on its belly and I got thrown on the side of the hill without any hurt. I got on again, but one part was so fearful I had to get off. My horse tried to get up but halfway simply slid back and I thought it was the best part of valour to get off. A good many did the same and we got on again a little further up. The guide we got from Rashaya was not much good and he had to get a boy from a village to show him the way. Well at last we got up. It was a very small thing to see - just a few pillars and a small square sort of room where the temple was and the Altar, but we saw it and accomplished our purpose. The name of this place is Ain Hurse. After a short rest and a drink of water we went on again stumbling and slipping downhill and then on and on up a dry ravine till we reached our resting and lunch place where we found Miss Curtiss waiting for us. She had not felt very well in the morning and went straight on with the loads. Oh, how glad we were to get off our horses and how fearfully & wonderfully we walked. We made a good meal and drank cups after cups of tea. In an hour we are on the saddle again and in two hours’ time reached our camping spot for that night and the next day being Sunday, we passed through valleys full of partridges and it was very pretty scenery but oh the beauties of Shelah, our camping place. You thought you were somewhere in England it was so green and there were such huge trees and water. Our camp was set under a lot of enormous walnut trees by a waterfall of icy water which made one ache to wash in it. The same process of setting up tents etc and we are getting quite experts at it. We did 7 hours ride that day and all were tired and glad of an early bed.

Aug 5th: Sunday We all got up late and slept like tops the whole night. After breakfast we went to make our beds and tidy our tents and I laid down again and had another three hours sleep and woke up feeling very refreshed. We did some washing and mending and in the afternoon, I wrote and then went for much a pretty walk with Miss Friend and Rowan. We found a wild Hawthorne tree full of mistletoe and we brought back big handfuls of it. Sunday evening Mr. Carey joined us, a missionary in Koopah in Armenia. After supper we sang hymns and had prayers and then went to bed. Our day of rest was so thoroughly enjoyed by all. The noise of the rushing water was quite loud but soothing. In the morning I found a small grey snake which Rowan caught with his hands and played with it. This upset me a bit and I dreaded the night but nothing more was seen.

Aug 6th: At last, on our way to (Mt.) Hermon. Got up very early, packed and breakfasted and got off about 7:00. Our horses had a good rest and felt quite fit. My saddle turned just after leaving so I had to get off and have it arranged. We had to ride down the beautiful valley of Shelah for some way and then up and up a valley where our climb began and how by heart was continually in my mouth. But oh, the beauties as we got up and up. The last bit was like climbing up a precipice, but the horses did it beautifully. Had to get down several times but at last all were safely up by 1:00 pm after six hours ride. Not all bad Mr. C says. I got quite brave towards the end and simply went straight for the precipices with my horse. Learnt several things, one that it was not good to have one’s heart continually in one’s mouth, another that a horse had a long neck and if its head is over a precipice it does not follow that its head also is, another that horses have four legs and if it slips with one it has three to keep it up. We had to put on jackets as we got up and reached the snow line. But the air was something glorious and the sky such a blue. The view from the top is something marvelous - miles and miles of stretch to be seen on all four sides. After lunching and putting up our tents and getting into warm clothes we wandered out and watched the sun set and the wonderful shadow creeping up towards the east. It awe inspiring and man felt such an insignificant thing before wonders of nature. It as bitterly cold especially after the sun set and we had to sup in a tent the first time so far. After supper we went out and lit up red matches to some friends up at the Barrok cedars, some thought they saw the signals back, but I doubt it. We then lit fires here and there and were quite glad of the warmth. The night was bitterly cold and we slept with nearly all our clothes on.

Aug 7th: Called up by Miss Friend to see the sun rise, such a glorious picture with all the clouds lying below one and thy shadow stretching this time away do the east and right down to the sea. Really it was wonderful. After the sunrise and the shadow having gone off, I went for a long walk and got back just in time for breakfast. Really the views all around are something wonderful and make one hold one’s breath. The shadows and tints on the hills and the dark patches where it was green and the streaks of snow in the high peaks. I simply enjoyed it and how I longed to be able to paint. After breakfast and tidying up a little out and not back till nearly 12:30. The air ls so light one does not feel tired but like singing all the time and running about. Mrs. C gave us a geography lesson - showed. us various places - Sea of Galilee, Carmel, Sidon, Tyre, the whole range of Lebanon and the Antilebanon, saw also the castle of Beauford built in the time of the crusaders. Unfortunately, it was misty and we were not able to see very great distances. Then Mr. Cary gave us a lecture on Pelia and then as walked to the snow such quantities get all frozen hard which we climbed up and slid down and had such fun also snowballed and acted like children and felt like them too. Then back to the point where we flashed across to the Lebanon with hand mirrors, we could plainly see the flashes from the side and back to lunch After lunch we wrote a little and then had tea. Off again to the snow with sacks, boards and tin basin. What fun we had and how we laughed. Some has some nasty tumbles amongst the stones. We than returned changed our shoes and stockings, got plenty of wraps and went off to a peak to collect brushwood for a bonfire to be lit for Bludan. We made a huge pile and how it blazed and the sparks flew. Then back to supper and after a little reading, bed. Such a beautiful and happy day I have not spent for ages. The whole beautiful surrounding seemed to speak to one and the contact with those good people, Mr. & Mrs. C was most helpful. If only one could be like them. To go into the details of all the beauties and feelings of the place would fill pages and pages. It got bitterly cold as soon as the sun set but we were very fortunate to have no wind all the time we were up there, for as a rule it is very windy and almost impossible to keep up the tents. There is an old Baal temple right on the highest peak and quite a mound of ashes from the sacrifices. Very little of the building is left - one just trace the shape of it and the outer wall. August 8th: All aboard very early - did some packing and off to the summit to see the sun rise again, all well wrapped up in blankets and rugs. It was a grand sight but we could not spend much time over it as we had to pack eat and be off. We got off about 6:30 we ladies with Mr. J Teen and Dr Elias Teen and walked down the hill, as it is too steep for riding. The gentlemen were following with the horses. We walked down the whole mountain and took us 2 1/2 hours nearly and as to our shoes, they were quite finished. I was quite glad to get on my horse again. My legs ached with slipping and sliding down. We rode about 4 hours to Kashayah and lunched at the Teen house and unfortunately were obliged to spend another night there as we could not find an animal to carry food for our horses and the one we had from Hermon was too tired.

August 9th: Up very early and got started about 5:45 and had a long ride that day of 8 hours. How tired and stiff we were and glad of the few minutes halfway rest at the fountain on getting off we could hardly stand. Mrs. Crawford hurried on with Mr. Carey and Mr. Karnes as the two latter had to catch the train for Damascus. They reached Bludau (Syria) more than hour before us. Oh, how glad we were to at last see the Crawford's gate for we all had reached the last limit of endurance. A good lunch was in readiness for us which we did good justice to after our wash and tidy up. Then to bed for some hours rest and up in the evening to wander about the grounds till it was supper time. Bhudan is a lovely little village situated in a valley about 5000 feet high well-watered and fertile. All kinds or fruits grow there and the smell of the apples was so fragrant and filled the whole air. The plums were nearly over but the apple trees were still loaded and did look so pretty, some red and others yellow, We got to bed early as a11 were tired and stiff, and had such a sleep that night. Just as if we had not been to bed for a week.

August 10th: Tottie's (Mary Lewis, Maggie’s sister) birthday. Up about 6:30 and down to breakfast with heaps of fruit and bread and butter to which we all did good justice. After prayers and making our beds, we started off with the children fossil hunting. We went up pretty little lanes with green on either side with roses and a stream of water running along parts of it. We went to a large river where we got a few fossils and when tired went and sat down under the trees by the trees and drank some of the cold water. The plums and especially apples did look so tempting and I longed to steal but refrained. We got back about 11:00 and then I had a good sleep till 1:00 pm when we lunched. After lunch we did various little necessary odds and ends like packing, sewing, writing till 4:00 pm when we went to tea at the Phillips. Their house is next to the Crawford's and in the same grounds. They have a large shady balcony on the east side where we sat arid had tea and got such a pretty view or the brown hills at the back and all the green trees. Both Mr. & Mrs. Philips are very nice and kind people. We had to hurry off as Mr. Crawford was taking Baal Grove about 1/2 hrs. walk. Of all the beautiful views I have seen this this was quite one of the prettiest. The brown and blue mountains at the back - the green and yellow fields and mass of vegetation below. And the stately grove where we were sitting and as the sun began to set the tints and colours of the mountains and hills were beyond description. I never came across such a beautiful range of mountains as the Lebanon with all their wonderful soft colours and in parts barren and in others so fertile. The Baal grove is called the "Mother of Pieces", and the legend connected with it says that a young poor girl went to the fountain to draw water, when she got there she found three wise men sitting by the fountain who asked her for a drink. She willingly said yes but in stooping down to fill her pitcher it broke. The handle alone remained in her hand. This upset her very much and she began to cry as her parents were very poor and she was afraid of the beating she would get. One of the wise men told her not to cry but dip her handle in the water and see what would happen, which she did and out came a whole jar of water. She then came forward and thanked them and told them how grateful she was as her people were so poor. When the wise men told her again to lift a corner of their carpet and take as much gold as she wanted. This she did and found a little stream of gold running underneath to which she helped herself. It is the spirit of this girl that presides in this grove and people make a vow to it take a pitcher with them and break it on the altar. We saw many places of broken potting of which I took a piece. Up to a few years ago this grove was held in great veneration and respect, but little by little this feeling is passing away and the trees are being cut down. Barked before hand so that they might dry up and then there is no excuse for their being cut. There is another interesting a little further off, but we had no time to go to it. There some of the old formula prayers still remain, but the priests are very close about telling anyone their secrets. On our return we were ready for our supper and then sat round and talked and settled up accounts till bedtime. The Hermon trip cost very little a little over 4 naps.

Aug 11th: Breakfast 7:30 then pack and got ready for Baalbeck (Lebanon). Miss is going with me and we will meet Mr. Cary at Gabdane. Miss Curtis leaves for Gahlick and Miss Van Gandt for Aley so we are a large party for the station. Miss Thornton, Mr. Crawford and all the children came to see us off. How very sorry I am to part with such nice people as the Crawfords and leave beautiful Bludan. We rode down on donkeys as the station is about 3/4 of an hour away. The road is very steep and at times one almost fell off the donkey. I enjoyed the ride down, it was quite a new experience after the horses. Our train was 1/2 an hour late so we had plenty of time. Mr. C saw to all our luggage. Mr. Carey was in the train but different carriage. At Rayak, we separated, Miss Curtiss and Miss Gandt going on in the same train and Mr. Cary, Miss Friend and I changing for Baalbeck. We had a very long wait there. I came across Mr. Dagher there and was very glad to see him. He was on his way to Damascus. We got to Baalbeck 2:30 and after a hasty tea went off to the ruins. We stayed at the Hotel Palmyra which is just opposite the ruins and from our bedroom window we had a fine view of them. The ruins are simply grand and magnificent. one can't describe them. They were more than I expected. Such huge pieces of work and mighty columns which almost took away one’s breath to look at them. There are six standing up in a row 60 ft high it makes your neck ache to look up at them. We three just went by ourselves with no guide to bother us and took our time over what pleased us and hurried when we liked. Such enormous ruins I have never seen before. We spent over 3 hrs wandering over them and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We took several photos which I hope will be a success. The view from the top of the old walls were simply beautiful. Such green gardens full of trees, especially silvery poplars and the beautiful mountains all around which too such colours at sunset. I am glad we saw them in the evening it is the best time to view them I am told. Our brains quite ached with all we saw and our necks with looking upwards at the gate of the temple of the sun we lay on our backs and looked up. We were tired and hungry when we returned to our hotel and made a hearty dinner. There was an old gentleman from Smyrna besides ourselves. A Mr. Reiger. Had often heard the name but never met him before. He was staying there waiting for son to come down from HAMPS. Our landlord is a Greek and delighted to find someone who can speak his language. In fact he was so pleased he told me to ask and order whatever I wanted. We had a long talk together while I was there.

Aug 12th: Up at 7:00 and breakfast about 8. I did not sleep much. My brain was so tired with all I had seen or perhaps it was the strange bed. After breakfast we set out for more sightseeing. First, we went to the quarries and saw a huge stone 71 ft long 14 ft wide and 13 ft high weighs about 1500 tons. There were many stones in different stages of cutting. This was the quarry of the ancients. Then we walked up a little hill and sat down under a tree and enjoyed the lovely view to our hearts content. The ruins the city the green fields and trees the beautiful hills with here and there a little snow made a very fine picture. We then saw an old Moslem tomb or temple and then down the hill to the Ras-el ain. Such a beautiful spot more like England than Syria. A long lane of trees meeting overhead and green grass and heaps of water. There were several boys bathing in the stream which is quite a large one and some people were picnicking out. We went right to the source and ate there end drank cold, cold water. A herd of goats came down to drink and made such a pretty picture kneeling down. Miss Friend took a snapshot. We then returned and walked through the town with its quaint shops. We got back quite ready for our lunch. Baalbeck air and water makes one so hungry and always wants to be eating. After lunch we bought post cards and photos and at 1:30 Mr. Carey left us to go on to Humps Allepo and on to Harport. Mr. Furgerson and Mr. Cartalli arrived by that train. We ate and wrote a little ln the afternoon then went to lie down till it was time to go out. Miss Friend slept soundly but I studied Baedeker. At 6 she went out and tried to see the temple of Venus. We could not get into it as the door was shut and there was no keeper, but we went into a garden from which we got a good view quite close. The women of the garden severe very inquisitive and examined us from head to foot how our clothes were made etc and even pulled out our hat pips to see how long they were. On our return we sat on the balcony till supper time and enjoyed the view. At table we got friendly with Mr. F and it was nice to have some ode to talk to. His friend was in bed with an attack of malaria. Miss Friend wrote a little after diner and then went to bed. I was quite late as I didn't feel sleepy and Mr. Meyer wanted someone to talk to.

August 13th Got up at 7:30 and had a very good sleep. After breakfast we packed and at 10:30 left for the station. The train as usual was late. We took plenty of fruit with us, apples and plums and I had biscuits. We were so hungry that as soon is the train started we began to eat. Soon after 12 pm we got to Rayak and there went in for another lunch. We tried some tea but it was undrinkable. It was such a rush to get the train as the waiter told us we had 25 minutes when there were only 5. I was kept such a time over my ticket and caught my train just in time by jumping into a last class carriage. My luggage I had left there before going on to Baalbeck and had such trouble to get it put on the train, as it is the saddle was left behind, but I hope will soon turn up as the station master at Hadeth had enquired after it. There seemed to be none there to attend to one. The station after Rayak I met Miss Curtiss and changed into a 2nd class carriage with her. We had the carriage all to our selves up to Ain Sofar when some men got on. The journey was very pretty and I was able to get a good view from the top of the hill. On going up it was cloudy and nothing this side of the mountains could be seen. At Hamdoun (Lebanon) Miss Gordon joined us, but at the next station she and Miss Curtiss got off and the carriage was filled with perspiring Syrians. How hot it was and it got worse and worse as we got down. My clothes were simply stuck to me. Perhaps I felt it more coming from such a cool climate. I was glad to get out at Hadeth (Lebanon) and agreeably surprised to find carriages waiting there. I expected to have to walk up to the Asfurirych. The station master promised to do his best over my saddle. I hope it will be found as it belongs to Mr. Waldmeier. Found several letters on my return but none from home. Saw Mr. Carrara for a few seconds at Rayak. I wonder if Mrs. is still here. One of by letters has from the Countess with on one enclosed for her daughter. I must go down this week and deliver it. Hope I am doing the right thing and will not get into trouble with Mr. Carrara. It is so difficult to judge and there must be two sides to the question. The mother’s tale sounds as if she must be right, but who knows? Letter also from Ethel who wants to come here for her fortnight's holiday. How very nice if I can arrange it. After reading my letters I had a hot bath and scrubbed body and head and put on clean clothes all smelling of rose leaves. Went to an early bed and had a good long sleep. Saw Prof. West at Aley who told me Dr. Thuaites was ill in the German hospitable. Very sorry to hear it. Mrs. Thuaites writes he is much better.

Aug 14th: Very busy day getting tidy and straight and putting out all my knick knacks and photos. No letter from home which is very strange and apparently, there was none last fortnight as I received none in Damascus, I wonder why no one has written to tell me of our Jack's arrival. Had an Arabis lesson also a German. Such a hot day and so perspiring. Commenced reading Great Expectations. Walked about the grounds. Such a beautiful sunset. Kamarr very excited and did a lot of damage. Edna and Faumiyah on night duty. Had note from Mrs. Thualtes saying Dr was very much better and both may return tomorrow. Hope so as it is dreadfully dull without them. Wrote to Jessie and sent it by Victoria who went to Themlan today for her holiday. Maurice is off to Egypt got work in the bank.

Aug 15th: Very hot night did not sleep After my work went over and saw the Ws which took up nearly all my morning. Had Arabic and German lesson--Very hot day - Sunset lovely - Started reading Porter’s book "Five years in Damascus'' which is very interesting. Note from Mrs. Thuaites Dr much better and returning tomorrow. Post card from Herbert. Arranged about Ethel coming here. How kind W. Heicy is – Mr. Jng says he redirected a letter for me to Damascus so must write to cooks and inquire about it. Hope it won’t be lost - Patients quiet. Felt rather tired today, the reaction I suppose. Wrote to Ethel. Dreamt all night about the Valley of Baca and kept trying to repeat the verse Ps 84-6. It is a holiday and such clanging of bells all day till at last they got on my nerves, Almost offended headquarters for not going at once to see them, but a little talk makes things straight.

Aug 16th: Woken at dawn with "isa issa issa". Started with noise and ended up with it. Marianna on the rampage and smashed a window and cut herself badly all because she was put in another room while hers was being bended. Her rage was great with me for trying to wash and bandage her hand and she rubbed it all over me and made me in such a mess, and spit in my face mouth eyes etc - and language most choice. Went down to town at 2 pm. Akrama forgot to order my carriage, so I had to walk down the dusty hill. Was lucky and found a carriage directly - did some shopping and paid a visit to Mr. Joly. Then went on to French hospital to deliver a letter to Mrs. Carren, can’t understand the problem a bit. Both have their own side of the tale and both sound quite right. The daughter even shed tears over a sentence in her mother’s letter. From what I have seen they are both very fond of each other especially he seems most devoted, can’t make it out. Shall discreetly retire and not mix myself up in family quarrels. After the hospital went to the Brigstock’s to tennis. Mr. Joly, Mr. Vogel and Mr. Vign and myself were only there. What a duffer I am at playing but by degrees I hope to improve and must try and play more often. Got a carriage back to the Hasmie so did not spend much in that line. Thuaites returned today. Dr. looked dreadful and gave me such a shock when I first saw him. Mrs. brought me a note from Aunt Jessie enclosing one from my mother to Aunt Katie. So glad to get it is I had none myself. Jackie (Maggie’s brother) and Tottie arrived in Smyrna on the 3rd. Mother still at Lous. Ethel (Maggie’s sister) is to go to the B.S.H. (British Seamen’s Hospital in Smyrna) so glad for her, and so nice that she should be near home and work with Grace (Maggie’s aunt, Grace Williamson). Tottie learning Greek, also Ruth. So tired. Tried to get a hair pad in Beirut but did not succeed. Get a new comb which I hope won’t break at once.

Aug 17th --sick most of the night, in the shape of thumping in doors. Lessons as usual. Post card from Alfred (Maggie’s brother). Wrote to A. not able to come up. Went for a little walk. Began description letter to Mother. No sign of my letter from Damascus. Wish I was also going up the mountains, so damp and sticky down here.

Aug 18th: Went to bed late but slept little. Day same as usual. Went the same walk with puppy as company. How beautiful it was. The vastness and rugged hills speak to me. I always feel do different and queer when I stand looking out at expanse. Oh, how I hate the evenings they are so dull. I wish those bells would stop. Dr. Brigstock came by here on his way up to Shemean, hoped he would have offered to take me up but he did not. Continued my letter, Dr. T. looking very wretched and pale even Marianne asked why he used powder on his face. Her cut hand seems to be going on alright but she won’t let me see it.

Aug 19th Sunday. Went to chapel and spent most of my spare time writing my letter home. Want for my walk about 5:55 and felt so happy as if something nice was going to happen. The sunset was perfectly grand and the glow listed for such a long time. Took my book with me and read. After supper went over to Mrs. Thuaites. They leave tomorrow for the hills and I am glad for the Dr's sake. He looks so wretched. Hope it will pick him up.

Aug 20th: Went down today for tennis but no one turned up. Waited such a time for a carriage and at last fortunately the Waldmeiers passed going down and took me. Another letter and enclosure from the Countess. I wonder what the end of that affair will be. Must try and do down and see Mrs. Carrara this week. Wish her mother would write to her direct. I don't mind delivering them but don't want to get mixed up in quarrels. Must find out if Mr. is really nice. Had also a letter from Herbert. Good boy to write. Does not mention my chairs. Sat in the Brigstock’s garden a bit and got rested and read the papers. Have quite made up my mind about this place and must be on the lookout now for something else. Will ask Dr. to advise. Wish I did not feel so dull, was not meant to live alone I suppose. Can't possibly make a friend of H. She is so antipathetic and uninteresting. Must try and see more of the Wg

Aug 21st : Received Mother's letter today that was forwarded to Damascus. Am glad it turned up safe, one hates one’s letters to get lost. Had also one from Ethel (Maggie’s sister). She is so pleased she is going to Smyrna. Sent my fountain pen to England today to have the nib changed. Hot as usual, flies, mosquitos, dust and perspiration. Wrote to Jessie and sent it care of Dr Brigstock. Blundering puppy is always round me now that the Thuaites are away. Had my lessons as usual, and for a wonder managed to mend some stockings and do a little sewing. Going to bed early to get out of the way of mosquitos and do some reading. Patients quiet except Kamarr. Anastass quite in her right mind and willing to work. Read Dickens - wonder if ever I shall be able to read German fluently. Paid a visit to headquarters this morning. Why am I so irritable -? tis not the heat tis the nature of the animal.

Aug 22nd. Wrote down to Mrs. Carrara and she answered, She was feeling bad again. Must write to her mother and try to impress on her that her daughter is very ill indeed. Feel very worried about it, she is all alone poor thing with none of her people near when there ought to be one. So hot and so many flies. Managed to do some sewing also made a new pincushion. Very cloudy and sultry. I wonder if that foretells early rains. Clouds of dust on the the roads. Wanted to go and spend the day in town tomorrow but now Mrs. C will not be able to receive me. Walked about a long time after supper with the old gent. Saddle not yet turned up. I do hope it is not lost. Will not send Mrs. C her letter but will wait and take it myself, otherwise it may not be given to her. Patients fairly quiet. Too busy to go for a walk, must go and interview the station master one day. Finished Mother's letter, only 8 sheets.

Aug 23rd: A swelterer and no mistake. No wind to turn the air pump and no water. The old gentleman on the rampart. Four letters, one from Nellie (Maggie’s sister Helen) with photo of dear babe, one from Jess, Mrs. Carran and Mrs. Thuaites who wants some things sent or taken to her. Why can't people do their packing properly? Going down to town tomorrow early by prehistoric animal. Quite glad to get out of the place for a bit and hope I shall have a nice day, glad that it won't be as hot. Will go and see Mrs. Carrara and take her her mother's letter. Heavy clouds this evening. Wrote to Miss Constant and Hilda joint letter. Lumbering puppy won't leave my side but follows everywhere. Did no sewing today felt too limp. This weather does not suit me a bit. What a nuisance nurses are (at least lazy and thoughtless ones) and how I wish I knew Arabic well, to give it to them. It is quite a hopeless job trying to learn it alone. Leah better and starting the old story over again. It is wonderful how she has picked up - I thought she would die.

Aug 24th: Went down to Beirut boasher at 7:30. Very cloudy and dry. Went first and saw Dr. Brigstock found him at breakfast. Then went and sat with Mdme Lilne as it was still too early for town. Posted my letters to Mother and Tottie's belt. Paid a visit to Mrs. Carrara found her very ill again and all alone in hotel. Her mother's letter made her weep. Her mouth was all sores, and she could hardly speak and now she also gets earache. Poor thing such a wreck and invalid. I pity her so much. Wrote to Aunt Agnes about her and must write tomorrow to the Countess. Lunched with Mr. Joly by the sea. Saw Mr. Crawford. He is so nice and has promised to ask after my saddle, Went to Dr Bo about 3:00 and he drove me back about 4:15. People can't understand why I want to leave. Received a note from Jessie asking me to go up to the christening of Ronald. May if I can but doubt it as I want to be in town all Monday to see the Smeed’s off --The old scoundrel makes one so angry by treating me like a baby. I long to shake him. No wind and no water in the tanks, which means baths in a scrap of water. Drinking water has to be fetched from the well. Leah much better but so talkative. Husfy gone for her holiday. Donkey ill with a bad leg so Akrama did not go down. It is well I took my letters. Went to Mrs. Nazounas to enquire something for the Thuaites and the door was opened for me by a lady with a baby, who, presently asked me if I was not from Smyrna. It turned out to be Rebecca from the American school who had arrived here 3 days ago and was feeling forlorn and desperate about a servant. Sat and talked to her a bit. She is to live here for the present and wants me to go visit her sometimes. Great friend of Ethel's and would like to have her for her baby.

Aug 25th: Another very heavy and cloudy day, no wind and no water. The house will begin to stink soon at this rate. The old gentleman does not know what is going to happen, for the atmosphere to be so absolutely still for so long. Did hot go to Shemlan- felt tired and not of humour. Besides if I am to be away next week I ought to be here this. Washed my head and it is nice and soft. Did a lot of work and feel very tired. Hope I shall sleep well. All quiet for a wonder. Got Leah out a bit which seems to have made her sleep. Received the sweets and parcels from Bludau. Got a deck chair but it is a hop and go one must change it besides so dirty. Acram always sleeps - Have a bit of letters to write tomorrow. Half intend to go up to Shemlan but it is such a fag from here. Am sorry to miss the christening.

Aug 26th: Sunday - was woken up at 6:00 but could not screw up courage to get up and go to Shemlan felt so tired and heavy. Am going down tomorrow early by prehistoric animal again. Wrote 5 letters, Countess, Helen, Elise, Herbert, and Ethel. And wanted to write more but had no one to do so to. Must start writing letters to myself it will be very good practice and I can enlarge as much as I like without anyone hauling me over the coals and offering me the salt cellar. Went to chapel and the old....gave a lengthy discourse. Sky much clearer today and some wind, but it does not seem to have turned the pumps - still no water, what is to be the end of us. Walked a good deal round the grounds and read Damascus which I am enjoying. A glorious sunset; such pretty, little clouds looking like gold. Tonight, it is clouding up again, must stop and clean my shoes.

Aug 27th: Went down to town by boaster and waited an hour and a half for it Cool day but very dusty. Went straight to the port and got my letters. One from Mother and one from Grace (Williamson). Tottie off to S. Africa on 29th. Wish I was going with her but mean to follow. Met the Blacks at the house. We all lunched at the D. Bliss's - six of us. After tea at the house I went and saw Mrs. C and then joined the Blacks to go on board to see Violet off. Mrs. C gave me three very pretty lace collars. Poor N. felt parting returned with the Blacks in braster as far as Hasmie. The old scoundrel - how he does upset me. Why will he interfere - quite forgot to look out for the red matches so stupid of me. Totties passing Port Said on 2nd September so enclosed a note to Herbert for Tottie. Hope he will be able to go and see her on board. Wish I could do likewise.

Aug 28th: Wind and water in the tanks. Wrote to Aunt Agnes and Grace. Received letter from Purdon. Tottie will be starting today if all went well. Hope she will succeed. Received a basket of lovely peaches. Have not seen the scoundrel today only heard his voice. Did some sewing and for a wonder also slept a bit. Quite pleasant day and mosquitos not so troublesome. Had the usual treadmill walk and feel better for it. Killing two birds with one stone saves a lot of time. Had my usual lessons Looks like rain, all these clouds must end in something.

Aug: 29th Worked hard all day on various things and did plenty of writing. What would I do without my pen and ink - friends to write. Not very hot but always so cloudy of an evening. Did a lot of German reading, am getting on slowly. It is difficult by oneself. What a fascination playing patience has for me, when I commence, I must go on and on till I succeed. Dr. Antoom came to see the patients, the first time since our Dr. left for his holiday. Walked about and talked to Adele, what a chatterbox she is and what a rate she rattles it, I can hardly understand her. No post today, there may be tomorrow. Quarantine on and being increased I hear. Went to bed very late but did not feel sleepy. Had a nap in the afternoon. Began my mother’s letter rather early, but I like doing it little by little and not at the last moment. Clouds again but no rain.

Aug 30th: Went down to Beirut, was lucky and got a carriage from here. Pomposely had been down so used his when it returned empty. Paid first a visit to Mr. Joly. He approved very much of Tottie's going to South Africa. Paid a long visit to Madame C, spent a very nice afternoon with her. She was so much better and lively and explained many things on the family quarrel. Hope she will keep well and not fall back again - Showed me some of her pretty things. Then went to the Bs but no tennis and a disappointment. Received a note from Jess saying the Serimgeours and Aunt Julia leave tomorrow.

Aug 31st: So, will have to go down again to see them off. If I had known in time would not have gone down today. Had a talk with the Dr. Have quite; made up my mind to go when something else offers. Such a treat not to have seen old P. all day. Very tired. Drove out walked up hill Very dusty and town very murky. Aug 31st: Got up early Breakfast 7 am got all my work done and went by boaster at 8:30. Had not long to wait for one. Paid a visit to ---Silni. Such a pleasant little body and very talkative. Sat in her shop sometime. After went in the town and came across Miss Curtiss so helped her do her shopping, and then drove up with her to the Blacks and found they had just arrived. The "king of the Blacks" is such a wee mite but such a good one. We lunched at the house. A. turned up also, same as ever. Glocklers came over to say goodbye. We all went on board to see them off and then the Blacks drove me to the bottom or the hill in their brasher. Quite cool in town. Why .do I want to play with edged tools when I know I will only cut myself. Such a beautiful red glow in sky. Got back about 7:30. No news of Uncle Henry. -

Sept 1st: Could not get to sleep last night till 2 am and feel so tired, no energy to do anything. Not been very hot. No letters today. Had a note from Mrs. Bliss about a patient. Mr. Pecksniff off to Bramama. Fat Rosa came to fetch him. Hope he will stay away some time. Did not write any letters for a wonder. Must do so tomorrow. There are several people to be written to. How forlorn the Blacks must be feeling with only three of then there out of that large family. Hope they will hear from Uncle Henry tomorrow. Mrs. L'Orange left today for some days change at Beirut. Hope she will be able to find me the book I want. Walked about a bit and read "Damascus". The major very happy and pompous in the company of two males. Did my usual reading - Patients quiet.

Sept 2nd: Disappointed, hoped there would be no chapel but a Houri came from Beirut and shouted at us in a strong rasping voice and gave a headache. Could not make head or tail of what he was driving at. Several other visitors there also and the Mayor in her element. Wrote to Alfred (Maggie’s brother), Purdon and Violet. The Countess must be written to tomorrow. The flies are so sticky and troublesome today. Slept well this afternoon over my trying to read a little German. Feel better for it, the sleep I mean. So glad I was not invited to tea. Clouds in the sky and fairly cool. The same treadmill walk reading Dickens. Patients rather noisy. Perhaps it is the full moon, not many mosquitos tonight and able to read in comfort. The nights are beginning to be fairly cool. Must turn over a new leaf this week and do a little sewing. Very willing but somehow there seems to be no time for it. There are always so many letters to be written.

Sept 3rd: Slept beautifully all night and feeling very refreshed actually managed to do some sewing this afternoon. Husfey returned, had been ill at home and looked very thin. No letters today and no news from the Blacks perhaps they had not heard from Uncle Henry. Did more writing. Usual reading and walk. Akrama very late, poor donkey too ill to walk fast. I thought I would hear from the Countess but did not. Peckoniff still away. Did not go down for tennis there is sure to have been none. New [[patient admitted. Such a young girl. All seems quiet tonight. Hope Jasmine will soon get better; it worries me her having so much fever. Shall try giving her larger doses of quinine, it may stop it. No news from - Hope she will be able to get off the end of the month.

Sept 4th: Such yells all night from the new patient and still continuing. Leah talking away like a steam engine. Both at it the whole day long. The new one rushed off this evening and there was such a chase till she was caught. Heard from Aunt Jessie such a disappointment, Uncle Henry not coming here now, may do so on his return. Husfey very ill all day a little better this evening. Sewing, reading, walking, working, as usual. No letter writing today for a wonder. Jasmine’s mother came to see her and wrote by her to Jessie. Poor lone family how disappointed they must also be over Uncle Henry. Mosquitos not so troublesome - Hope there won't be many yells tonight. Donkey still ill and won't go down tomorrow. Must try and go and see my friend. Am longing for Monday’s letters to get further news of Tottie.

Sept 5th: Akrama did not go down today so as to give donkey a rest. Am anxious to hear from Herbert whether he saw Tottie. There may be a letter tomorrow. Day very hot but evening pleasant. Night promises to be warm. Bathed Pompey today. He did not enjoy it very much, but was good. Nurses both better. Dr. A. came today, Read Dickens for a change. How quickly the days seem to pass with nothing to mark them. Wish A would come up to see me. Rosa went downtown today with her brother. Many clouds but no rain and all blown off tonight. Such a red sunset. Evenings getting very long. Did the usual routine work of lessons etc. Patients fairly quite. Hafufy bellowed for some time in the morning. Leah has a little fever tonight.

Sept 6th: Letter from Aunt Agnes today, only 7 days by indirect not bad at all. Pecksniff returned today and we were all invited over to tea to do him honour. Young Abdounorr not at all a bad sort of fellow and very clever. Mrs. Clacking away and Mr. very oily, Sang hymns after and the boy has rather a good voice. Everything cool and pleasant but so many mosquitos. Wasted my time playing patience. I wish I had someone to talk to. Leah again has fever and am afraid to give her quinine she is so weak. Wrote to Mrs. Carrara to ask when she is leaving. Does so next week expects her boy from Smyrna on the 10th and takes him with her. I wonder if he will bring me any letters. She did not write only sent word and no news if she is better. Must be so or I would have heard. Finished Mother’s letter. The only Smyrna one this. week. My brain is tired with monotony.

Sept 7th: How angry the old scoundrel makes me. What is Akrama paid for but to go down every day. I am sure my letter will be too late tomorrow for the post. I felt somehow, he would play this trick, the good for nothing lazy fellow, making it his excuse that the donkey is ill. I felt so angry I could not answer the old man and he makes such shifty excuses. However never mind it is no use and only upsets me. I wish I was out of this place. Gave Leah 5 grs quinine and hope it will do her good. Nurses both better. Leah very noisy last night, was disturbed a good deal. Began a letter to Tottie - Hope to hear from Herbert tomorrow. Those wretched ibabs how they irritate me all day long - clack clock. Walked about and read as usual and actually, went over and sat with the mayor for a bit. No letters today.

Sept 8th: Ackrama went straight from Hadish to town and came back about 1 pm with our mall - No news of Tottie, only a letter from Alfred who has his usual cold. Going up to Shemlan this afternoon by prehistoric animal. Hafufy up to pranks again and escaped on to top of balcony and roof through skylight. Put her in the other house where she will be more safe. Such fright that she gives me and the row she can make. Ready for brasher at 3 and got a place. Long fatiguing drive and so dark when I got to Souk and had that long walk then to take. Don't think I will go again that way prehistoric animal too fatiguing. Dear family all well and delighted to see me. Jessie Gl. was also staying there. So beautifully cool - Heaps of letters there which I was given to read. Received notice of my fountain pen so glad to have it back. Been very prompt over changing nib. Got to bed early - feel tired.

Sept 9th: Felt rather queer in the night and did not sleep so well first part. Bath water so cold and refreshing. After breakfast we all wrote letter, I to Tottie and Herbert. Mr. Dorman came over to lunch. I did not go to church, did not feel up to it, but went instead with Jessie for a walk to Broomelau and the dear Aunt Julia. Sat sometime with her and had a long chat. Then we returned round Ain Nab. Enjoyed my walk so much and it has done me a world of grace. Then paid a visit to the Joly’s and then the Bujstock’s. Got measured and wrote to Stewarts for dress, hat and coat and hope they will suit me well. Edith dinned with us and we had such fun talking, she does look so much better. Went to bed rather late as I sat up chatting to dear Aunt Katie. It is such a treat to have someone to talk too. Mean to try to again next Saturday if all is well.

Sept 10th: Returned today from Shemlan and Dr. Bujstocke drove me down Left at 6:30 and was up here a little after 8:30. Jasmine left for a few days holiday and sent a note up to the family by her. Have written again to them tonight to send them Herbert's letter so they will have a dose of me. Heard from Herbert - Poor Tottie nearly left behind. What a dreadful thing if she had and all her luggage gone on. Received my pen today and this writing is a specimen of it. Cool day but hot night. Very tired and sleepy - went over to the Ws and had some singing. - Heard also from Purdon and a post card from Tottie. Found all well on my return - News from Dr very good, returning on the 18th. Cats being shot all day - Saw A. as we passed the train waiting - Had to walk up the hill - Nurses all well and no patients with fever.

Sept 11th: No letter from home it is too bad. Am living hopes though that stupid gigi did not go to the post office. Guido arrived yesterday and they might have sent a line by him. Beautifully cool day and patients fairly quiet. New nurse arrived in place of Faumigah. Am sorry for the latter but she is too careless - My pen is a nuisance it does not write properly. Akrama is ill so his brother comes one more fool that the other Very sleepy and tired - managed to do a little sewing today and the usual writing reading and walking. Wrote to Mrs. Carrara and had a note from her. She leaves next Monday would like to go down and see her this week but it is too expensive - will do so on day of departure. She seems fairly well - Hope to hear from Violet soon. The old gen-- stayed tonight.

Sept 12th: Still preparing for rain. Had a good long sleep last night. Ackrama still ill - Washed my head, one egg this time. Received Mother’s letter today. It ought to have come yesterday but thanks to fools, it did not. This horrid pin is a nuisance and won’t write well. I wonder why. Will send it back if it does not improve. Poor Nellie - am glad she is better again but it might have been serious up there all alone. Mended 9 pairs of stockings this morning is not that good. Sewing at a stand still am no good at that, or rather have no time. Must take a dose of medicine tonight as I don't feel well. Such talk from Leah, volumes of it and sounds as if she will keep it up for long. Rest all quiet. Too tired to walk about much. Alma wants to leave for America.

Sept 13: Forgot to write you yesterday so do so today (14th). Received Tottie's letter about 9 pm. Arms and legs brought it up from Antroms Kahn. Wonder why it was wandering about the country like that. Arms and legs back again for a bit. Began my letter to mother and wrote 9 1/2 pages. No letters - intending to go up to Shemlan again this week. Have made up my mind to go every week, don't see why I should not. It is only the Sunday really away, as I get back very early on Monday. Took my dose of oil, horrid stuff which made me feel very sick. Dickens for change today, sewed, walked wrote and the usual rounds, usual round, usual round. Feast of the Holy Cross tomorrow and the hills and plain are so pretty bonfires and illuminations. Everybody lights one; it did look quite beautiful. Saw the Blacks fire from here.

Sept 14th: Ackrama did not go down today but will do so early tomorrow and bring back our mall by noon - In that way I get it before going up to Shemlan and any that need answering can do so on Sunday. Still clouds but rain as far off as ever. Not so many bells today for a wonder. Finished arranging my grey skirt. Leah's father called but he would not see her as last time she got so excited. Have commenced the second volume of Porter's Damascus. Marianne attacked Mr. Pecksniff. Such a beautiful sunset, such lovely colours in the clouds. Went over after supper and we sang hymns - It is always something to do - Waste too much of my time in playing patience. Hope nothing will prevent my going up tomorrow. Yasmine not back - read, walked, wrote as usual.

Sept 15th: No mail whatever, only note from Mrs. Thuaites returning on Monday. Am going up to Shemlan by Abey boaster - Our stupid man went there instead of the Ain Neb one. Went down to the Hasmie first at 3 pm and waited nearly an hour and half for it. It was packed - the horses wretched, one bleeding for a wound on his back, so I walked most of the way from Shacfett. Mr. and Mrs. March were also in the boaster going to Abey - got up when quite dark and found the family at dinner. They were having the H. Blisses spending the night with them which was very nice. The Goaham's coachman took me up to the house as it was very dark. Wretched things those boasters are and take such a time to get up. News from the absent ones good, J.G. is still with them.

Sept 16: Slept soundly the whole night what with my long walk and cool weather felt so refreshed after it and made such an enormous breakfast and yet was ready for my lunch. Meant to write letters in the morning but Mrs. Thuaites and Amey Jessup turned up and we talked instead. The Blisses were also there and left 11:45 for Abey. In the afternoon I lay down a bit end read and after tea instead of going to church went to Souk to see Aunt Amelia. Such a cool day wore a shawl all the time. Very cloudy too but no rain as yet. Got back and found Edith and Mr J there; met the Dr. returning and he walked with us to the house. Edith stayed to supper and we talked and laughed so there was no writing. The family received their mail and had good news from all except Maurice who was laid up with fever and a cold.

Sept 17: Got up at 5:30 to be ready for the boaster and started down 5 minutes to 7. The coachman tore down at such a pace and we got into town before nine. Stupid that I am I went purposely down to say goodbye to Mrs. Carrara who was leaving and never thought that the steamer would leave in the morning, so instead of going direct waited about till 10 am and then it was too late. Did feel so soled. Went and saw Rebecca instead and tried to do some shopping but could not get what I wanted. Got back at 1 pm very tired and hungry. Wrote to Herbert, Alfred and Ethel in the afternoon. Had letters from Herbert, Ethel and the Countess who gives me such bad news of Helen - says she has rapid decline but I hope it is not true. The Thuaites back and Dr. looking ever so much better.

Sept 18th: My best nurse left today to go to America. Don't know what I shall do without her. Patients rather noisy but quieted down towards evening. Busy day - no letters only my hospital. Almost finished Mother’s. Seen nothing of the old man. Got two new copy books. Very nice and cool day, beautiful sunset. Sending to Smyrna for blue drill, can’t get it here. Hope to have it soon so that I may start making my dresses. Have nothing whatever for the winter. Wrote to Aunt Jessie for Maurice's address, Very tired and sleepy - again arranged my white skirt, every now and then I do so and yet it never seems to fit. Will either sent for a golf jacket or have one made here. Could not find white wool for my shawl yesterday say they will have some later on. Jessie has promised to make me one - have no time myself.

Sept 19th: Wrote to Helen and Aunt Agnes - Yasmine came back, but was sent away again. Got a new nurse who looks fairly decent, one must wait and see how they turn out. Tomorrow another one is coming in Yasmine's place, who is praised up very much. Tomorrow our tennis begins again and I am very glad. There will be something to go down for now Mrs. Carrara has left. Tomorrow I must write to the Countess. Will do some shopping tomorrow when I go down. Want to get some books from the press. Leah is noisy - yelling such filthy language, all meant for me. Patients rather noisy but all quieted down by the evening. Gets dark so early - must get a new lamp for my sitting room. Played patience and wasted my time. Mean to get up early tomorrow.

Sept 20th: How time does fly - got up early and prepared my room for a thorough cleaning. These Syrians do not know how to turn out a room, clean the floor and leave the rest dusty and dirty. No rain as yet and Saturday coming around for me to go the Shemlan. Having a new horse instead of the donkey who is too small now for the work, besides he has been ill. Went down to town and had some tennis - Am glad it has begun again - Did some shopping. Bought F.P. ink at Press and sat with Miss Thom for a bit. Miss B was also down from Shemlan. Had a post card from Alfred - Leah very excited and noisy gave her 1 dim of Paraldehyde which quieted her. At last was able to get some Hazeline Snow. Rather hot day - wrote to the Countess. Could not find a German Bible - No time for sewing today. Sleepy and tired still went to bed late.

Sept 21th: Ackrama gave me a post card from Tottie which I ought to have had yesterday. Very hot night and another hot day. Dr. gone down to his clinique. Patients all quiet. Luliberyeh rather noisy gave her 1 grm Trional. This is the new ink but it does not seem to flow as well. If no better must send back to makers again. No mail today coming in tomorrow. Began my letter to Tottie - Also started a new night dress bag. Such mosquitos tonight, they must come from that open drain. Walked about and ate figs. Evening pleasant. Thuaites have a new dog, black and white. Leah noisy but quiet tonight. Played patience as usual and red porter - mended stockings. Don’t know if I shall go up the hills tomorrow, should like to but can’t do as I like I suppose. Have not seen the old couple for some days.

Sept 22: Hot day and nasty north wind blowing which made one feel very headachy. Began my letter to Tootle. Had a note from Aunt Jessie also a letter from Violet - Could not make out who was writing me from Egypt at first. Not going up to Shemlan today, will try and do so next instead walk up the hill. Going to sup at the Drs. tonight - Went to bed very late, put my light out at 1 am - got fascinated in playing my game. Did some sewing but not much. Wish I could go up every Saturday. It is such a pleasant change. The old man was asking about the saddle today. Must go down to station and inquire about it myself, it is no use trusting to others. Perhaps Mr. C. took it on with him.

Sept 23: A nasty windy day. Finished Tottie's letter and wrote to Maurice. Went to chapel. One of the nurses ran away this afternoon, just opened the door and bolted. Walked to the station and inquired after the saddle. St Master promised to write to Rayak about it. Hope it will end by turning up. -- came with me and on return found a man patient had escaped into their parlour and locked the door on the inside. The door had to be broken open. Very tired and sleepy, serve me right for being so late last night. Must not eat figs any more they always upset me and give me indigestion. Such mosquitos, tormenting one all the time-heavy clouds Patients quiet and sleeping at present. Have written a post card. about my f. pen. I can’t be bothered with it anymore. It won’t work well.

Sept 24th: Had a good sleep, received a long letter from my mother. The news of Helen is simply awful, poor thing it is too dreadful to think of that healthy girl dying of consumption. All so happy at home to have the Uncles. Beautiful evening walked about a bit after supper with Mrs. T. Wrote to Purton. Been making tomato sauce, several of the men came over to help squeeze them. Poor Sophia up till 11 pm cooking it. Delicious tomatoes and so sweet - enjoyed some at lunch and supper. Millions of mosquitos. Did some sewing - getting with it slowly. I wish I had my blue drill to start my dresses for it will take me such a time to make them. The horse has hurt his leg and can't go downtown, so the donkey does the work. The lout has been knocking about for somedays. Patients fairly quiet. Weather cool.

Sept 25th: Poor Jahigy Shehalb died today after being in for about 5 years and ill nearly most of the time. Hot day and dusty. Had a letter from Elise and one from Herbert. The latter had got me a chair and was sending it by John, so it must have arrived. There had been riots amongst Turkish troops and convicts at Port Said. Elise and mother back in Smyrna. Had a delightful time in England. Wrote to Aunt Julia a long letter for her birthday. Did some sewing and had tea with Mrs. T. Went for a little walk in the evening which was very nice and cool. The nights are beautiful with the moonlight. Worked at my night d.c. a bit. Horse still unable to go down - Days fly so quickly, I suppose because there is nothing to mark them. Tomorrow must write to Elise.

Sept. 26th: They came for Jahigh at dawn this morning. Brought a load of grapes today. They are not as good as last time over ripe. Can't eat much fruit - gives me indigestion. Ackrama did not go down today. Got things from the station instead. Only an excuse to laze about. Very nice and cool today. No mail of course. Wrote to Elise. The eve of the Greek feast of the Cross and heaps or bonfires prepared by Youssef Mantrean. Not many on the hills as most of the people are Maconites. The old scoundrel came and complained heads were dirty - would not say who, or who had told him. Looked into the matter and found it was not so except those that can’t be helped, and one very little. No new nurse arrived yet and we are shorthanded. Drank my tea - went a tiny walk. My scamp of a kitten is deserting me.

Sept 27th: Such a hot day but strange very few mosquitos tonight. Perhaps wind blows them in. Wonders never cease, we actually had an operation today at the men’s side – Str.Hernia. Quite nice to see an operation again. We were going down to tennis today, but this prevented us. Hope the man will do well. Naughty Adele howled over having to go down to the brabi for her lesson. A little cooler this evening and such bright moonlight. Began a letter to mamma. Have done plenty of writing today and a little sewing. Ackrama back early but no letters. Strolled about and read Dickens. Am starting F writing. I am doing too much but I always like to have many things on, on hand. Have sewn a little. Did not taste marmalade all day today like yesterday. Live on leben (can't make it out) which is very refreshing in hot weather.

Sept 28th: No mail, tomorrow early. Did heaps of work today in the writing line. Amastass very noisy and naughty. Had to lock her up and she bit my finger for my pains. Dr. went down and never returned till evening. Dr B. drove him back and brought us letters from Shemlan. The dear family expecting us and we are going tomorrow. Dr. has booked our seats in the boaster. Cleaned the kitchen lamp, it was in filthy condition. Gave such good light at night. As to my hands It took longer to try and clean them than the lamp did. Bath day and howls. Delicious ise Mrs. T made. Cool evening. My chair arrived and such a comfortable one. Dr. B. sat a little time talking. Had accident to his cart day before coming down from Shemlan. Horse slipped on a loose stone and fell and cut himself rather badly. Dragged also the other horse down. Broke shaft but no other damage. Gave Ackrama orders, going down early tomorrow.

Sept 29th: Lazy Ackrama never got off till about 7:30. Hope he will be in time with our mail. Want to bed rather late. Mrs. L'Orange had gone last night and turned up my dining room lamp, and it smoked for goodness knows how long and made everything black. Mettlesome old lady. Turned out and prepared the room last night for it to be properly cleaned today. It was done this morning according to Aralie ideas, but not to mine, so I turned it out all over again. I wonder if I shall ever succeed to teach these girls how to clean a room properly, it seems pretty hopeless. I think though she will do better next time, as she felt bad at my having to do the room again. Such clouds this morning on getting up - thought there would be as the sea was making such a noise last night. All are blowing away though. Patients has good night. Very cool and pleasant we ought to have a nice drive up. Going down at 2 pm to get the boaster from Hasmie (suburb of Beirut). Sophie busy cooking tomato sauce. The last lot we make. If not, enough we can buy some. Feel so dirty after turning out my room and my arms ache with using the long pole. Operation case doing very well. Left at 2pm for the Hasmie and had such a long wait there for the boaster over 1 1/2 hrs. The journey up took us three hours. Found A. Katie only in on arrival, others were out walking. Went to Dr. Bs. after supper and spent a most interesting evening. Perhaps because I felt so tired. Lots of people there. Beautiful moonlight night plen’ty of clouds and lightning which is a good sign. Miss Stouele turned up after supper. very tired and hungry. How cold it is. Got to bed rather late. Letters from Nazareth, Daisy ill with quincy. Slept in A Jessie's room. Miss S had mine.

Sept. 30th: Got up late and still felt tired and sleepy. The icy cold bath was most refreshing. After breakfast sat in Miss Shrvell's room and chatted for so long, then went and wrote letters. Wrote to Herbert and Violet. Aunt Julia's birthday and we all drank to her health. Some went to church in the morning. I went this afternoon. After church I walked about with Edith and she gave me the sad news of Helen's death. I can't realize it. That that beautiful, healthy girl should have died of rapid consumption seems utterly impossible. Our boaster man has played us false so don't know what we shall do tomorrow. Dr Thuaites will walk down with Dr. Dorman. The Joly’s coming down in a week. Aunt Adele turned up in the afternoon. So that A has been and gone and done it to a Syrian girl. I hope it will turn out alright.

Oct 1st: The man got a carriage for us after all and we were looking forward to another morning with the dear family. Dr. T. had started walking and did so all the way. Got back about 10:30. Wrote notes and letters and postcards, Alfred, A. Amelia, Jessie, Arthur, Amy Joly, Stewarts. Received two postcards from Herbert. Very nice day and the evening beautiful. Such a glow in the sky. Hope we shall have no siroccos. Washed my head - no time for sewing. Went a little walk with Adele who talked my head off nearly. She soon will be leaving for school. Have not seen the old man today. Lout still knocking about. Going to bed early feel so tired. Not many mosquitos. Went and ate figs from the trees. Amelia has left, expect she will soon be brought back again. No new nurse has arrived yet. Got the pattern of a dressing jacket so must get stuff to make one. Hope to spend day in town on Thursday and do all my shopping.

Oct 2nd: Nice day but all signs of rain quite gone. Did all my stocking mending today and some other sewing. Posted all my letters - No sign of the Pecksniff - something must be brewing. Mosquitos much less but so many sandflies even during daytime. Did all my writing. Went for a walk and got some flowers, also called on the Fadwas, they were delighted to see me and gave me more flowers. Dr. W. cannot make an appointment for me Thursday morning, which is a sell, as I shall have to go down another time. My bedroom lamp smoked and made things so dirty- unless I do my lamps myself it is no good. Such beautiful moonlight almost like day. On returning from my walk saw a dying donkey being thrown out quite near here, so we will be having whiffs. All quiet tonight. Kaman noisy during day. Leah sleeping well.

Oct 3rd: Mr. D turned up from Sedon (south of Beirut). Finished my hairpin blouse at last after how long, fit well. Did sewing and went to bed late. Started playing patience and as it won’t succeed must go on and on with it. Went on with my letter writing. Cool day. Sat outside and sewed, beautiful evening. Such red sunsets. Clouds still gathering. No mail. All quiet Leah sleeping so well at nights but the amount she eats. Mosquitos getting less, wish they would quite die away.

Oct 4th: Got up early and went downtown. Heavy clouds in the morning but all blew away. Had breakfast and did my work and got off by 8:30. Went down by boaster. Rather tight squeeze and such an aggravating Turkish woman in who took her time over moving. Got quite stiff by the time I reached town sitting in one position. Such dust and I did not wear a veil for which I am sorry as my hair is clean. Went first to Dr. B. and found Amy had come down, so went on to the house and knocked and knocked but there was no one to open so went on to the Glocklers. Mrs. is much better, but still in bed so did not see her. Then went downtown and met Amy at Mr. Joly’s. Ordered a pair of shoes which are to be ready in a week. Hope they will be a success. Tried to get something for a skirt, but did not succeed. Alpaca is too dear for an ordinary skirt. Got flanelette to make a warm dressing gown. Went to Aunt Amelia's for lunch and had a very nice time with those nice people. Rested in the afternoon then went to tennis after tea and played two sets. How tired I am as I did so much walking. Returned about 6:30. Finished my letter home and to Mrs. Whitall, also wrote post card to Ethel. Got a load this am half grapes and half tomatoes.

Oct 5th: Up early to get my room ready. - was so tired last night and how my back did ache could not rest with it. Took down nearly all pictures and had room properly cleaned. Maid learning at last to clean a room but still far from perfect. So very tired all day and went to bed in the afternoon and slept. Sewed all the evening. Tried to read in my sitting room but had to give up on account of mosquitos. Walked a bit and ate figs from the trees, almost all finished. No mail today and for a wonder wrote no letters. Am trying to make a collarette but I think the tape is too thick. Going to bed very early. Played my patience twice and both times succeeded. What a wonder. Many thick clouds. Received my money today. Old man has been having teeth out and suffering from neuralgia. Major very affable - sat in the hymn and sewed. Very pleasant there.

Oct 6th: Went to bed early and slept like a top and dreamt hard of Mrs. T's mother. Cool day Plenty to do tidying etc. Mail in but had only a post card. from H. The T's went up to Shemlan, Dr B. was taking them up. Nothing unusual has happened. Sunset very fine. Did some sewing.

Oct 7th: Went to bed last night, again very early as I was not feeling very well. Been busy all day over the Quince jam. Sophia stupidly thought I wanted it all jelly and put it all on the fire very early for that. Mashed it all up and I think it will be alright. Such a waste and sell if it is not nice. Have written to Tottie. Had tea with headquarters both very pleasant. Such a beautiful clear evening. All the villages on the hills seemed to stand out so well. Went over after supped and we sang hymns. Lout appeared from Balthgrapes.

Oct 8th: Nothing important happened today. The T's returned. Leah very noisy. Letter from Aunt Julia. Did much sewing. Tea at the T's. Dr. has a bad cold. Fat K is here. I spoke to N about an Arabis Master. Hope I will find one as I must improve. Mail came to grief at Crete and not in yet.

Oct 9th: Have been down to town today to see Dr. Williams, walked down to the Hasmie and got our Dr.’s carriage back. Returned 6 p.m. Must go again next week. Had tea with him. Gave my white silk blouse to be made and also bought dark blue serge for a skirt. Hope it will be a success. So difficult to get anything nice here and everything so expensive. Received a letter from mother and Aunt Agnes. All well, but so sad about dear Helen. Cool day and not a bit-tired tonight. Saw a huge snake with a lizard in his mouth when I was going down this morning. Bought some nice wool for a shawl and must send it up to Aunt Jessie.

Oct 10th: At last first rain at 7:2$ p.m. Not much so far but more will follow I hope. Sky very black. Have cut out my dressing jacket and started sewing it. No letters. Went for short walk. Did plenty of sewing, tried to, but continual irruptions make progress slow. Got up early and pulled some threads before breakfast. Not many visitors today it least for the female side. Have done all my allotted writing. Hope this rain will kill wretched mosquitos.

Oct 11th: Very beautiful after the rain and dust laid. Went for a walk with the Ts. and saw a sick woman. Had supper with them. Very few clouds but lightning. Received letter from Alfred. Am sorry he has decided to sign on for another year, but perhaps it is best. I may be able to help him find something. Ackrama went down very late as he lost some money and had to go back and look for it.

Oct 12th: Woke up to the sound of rain. Was a good downpour but cleared up by 7:30. Did much sewing. Anastass yelling at top of her voice this evening. Received a note from Aunt Jesse. Cett Helen in bed billious from yesterday. Commenced Mother’s letter. Latiffy came and brought pomegranates.

Oct 13th: All as usual. Mr. V came to stay with the T’s. Beautiful day. Made square for the don't know if it will look nice. Mail in quite late so Ackrama brought no letters. Patients very quiet.

Oct 14th: Almost finished Mother’s letter and wrote to Alfred and Purdon. Dr. and. Mrs. B. drove up this afternoon. It was so nice to see them. No chapel as the old man was away. In bed most of the afternoon as I did not feel very fit. Rather sultry today either we shall have more rain or sirocco. Evening very fine. Mosquitos really setting less. Leah talking away wound up.

Oct 15th: All the same. Ackrama lost about 4 on his return. Letters from Herbert and Mabri. Chair a present. My pen to be sent back to be arranged.

Oct 16th: Went to town for the dentist, shopped and dressmaker. Had tea with the Glockers. Found Dr. W. making scones. Got very tired, had so much walking to do. Sent my fountain pen. Actually, found what I wanted in town. Very sultry.

Oct 17th: Slept like all night, was so tired on going to bed. Thick clouds and very sultry all day but no rain. Machine not back yet. Got my puppy, howling all day. Very dirty. Very tired again and went to bed early. Got my shoes - long pointed not like what I like but what is to be done? Paid a visit to Miss Teltham. Quite chill in the evening.

Oct 18th: Bill's birthday. Such a sultry and headachy day. Heard much dreadful news, poor brother Barns is dead, got a kick from his horse on abdomen, was operated on at once but died the next day. It seems impossible to be true and that one won’t see him no more in church. Have finished my letter to Mother and also written to Elise, and Aunt Amelia about the shawl. Received a letter from the Countess full of her woes. There must be some truth in what she says. Received photo from Alfred. Bathed my puppy. Sophia went into town to buy school things for Adele. Mrs. and Miss Brystocke came up today, so nice to see Mrs. again so soon.

Oct 19th: Very hot sultry day. Thick clouds but no rain. This heavy weather makes one feel so limp. New patient rather excited. Feeling tired.

Oct 20th: Still very sultry. Received letter from Stewarts. Dress sent. Mrs. Webster came up. Dr also for committee. No rain. Admitted a very excited patient and feel quite worn out struggling with her.

Oct 21st: Patient-still very excited. Stayed in. Dr and Mrs. went down to church. Very hot. Thick clouds but no rain. Wrote to Tottie.

Oct 22nd: No letter from home, can't make it out. Hot sultry and cloud but no rain. Usual scuffle with patients. Soaked us all while in bath, slept very well after it. Sup at the T's. Quite exhausted with this pen.

Oct 23: Went down to Dr. Williams and dress maker. Very busy morning and so tired felt I would drop with fatigue. Went to the B's so nice to see all the old friends. Went by the Blacks house and saw Amy and Jessie - rest come tomorrow. Note and photos from Miss Friend. No answer from Aunt Amelia. Went to bed early.

Oct 24th: Slept like a log all night and woke up quite late. Visiting day and patients so noisy. Patient slept well after her inj. of Mophia.

Oct 25th: At last a shower of rain. Washed my head. Letter from Mr. Whittall. Quite cool. Did sewing. Turned out my room. Very tired.

Oct 26th: Rain during the night and the air lovely. Sunset glorious such beautiful clouds, sewed a lot and wrote to the Countess. The B's were up this afternoon. Excited patient a little better and quite quiet in her bath. Hope she will get well.

Oct 27th: All same as usual. Mr Vogel came to call.

Oct 28th: My first Sunday of going down to church. All Blacks down, spent day with them. Received letter from Herbert. Called on the Crawford’s Good news about the saddle. Mr. C. had it sent on to me.

Oct 29th: Did a lot of sewing. All as usual. Dr. B. drove out with Dr. MacKinnon and Craw. Fine evening. Leah much better and worked better all day.

Oct 30th: A few drops of rain. Took Leah over to tea at the Ts. She was in a very exalted state of mind and talked no end. Finished the embroidering of by night dress case. Beautiful evening so cool and bright with moonlight, and very few mosquitos. No letter from Purdon. He must be too busy to write. Rain all blown off. Wish it would a little tonight to put down the dust for me tomorrow when I drive down.

Oct 31st: No rain. Got some patients friends to drive me down. Party at the Joly’s very delightful. Played games 'etc. Thuaites did not come so slept at the Blacks. Mrs. Mchut arrived two-day quarantine.

Nov 1st: Up early and took a turn in the garden before breakfast. Then walked downtown to P.O. and books and then returned here. Very hot day. Post card from Tottie and Alfred.

Nov 2nd: Another hot day - Mrs. Mc out of quarantine and up here. Did some machining at Mrs. Thuaites. Made a cake yesterday which is very good.

Nov 3rd: Received a letter from Tottie, arrived safe and waiting for work. Mrs. N not so well and spent the day in bed. Nov 4th: Did not go down to church as I am going tomorrow to meet the Mackies. Went for a long walk before tea. Cool but rather dusty. Wrote to Jack, Tottie and Herbert. Went to chapel here.

Nov 5th: Went down to town early - got my fountain from the p.o. Saw the Joly’s. Afternoon went and met the Mackies. Good news from home. And 3 boxes of figs. My dress fits beautifully and my hat very pretty. Returned late and tired.

Nov 6th: So tired all day perhaps from my exertions yesterday. Received letters from Mother, Ethel and Cons. Began my letter home.

Nov 7th: All same as usual. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Crawford rode out to see us. Visiting day for the patients. Sent Mother’s letter to the Blacks to read.

Nov 8th: Work as usual, a few thin windy looking clouds. Went for a tiny walk and came in to write.

Nov 9th: Aunt Katie and Jessie came up to lunch. Edith's birthday, wrote her a note. Very pleasant day.

Nov 10th: Committee meeting up here. Site for Dr.’s house and chapel decided. Mrs. Moore and children and Mrs. Jessup came up also Dr. B.

Nov 11th: Went down to church and lunched at the Joly’s and had tea at the Blacks. Had a letter from Herbert. New coachman. Wore my best hat. Nice day looks as if it will break up at last.

Nov 12th: Rain at last this evening.

Nov 13th: Steady rain all night and day. Not able to go down and see Aunt Jessie off. Wrote to her instead and received an answer. Received memorial cards of Mr. Eddie.

Nov 14th: Cloudy but no rain today and able to dry the wash.

Nov 15th: Mittle badou

Nov 16th: Poured with rain. Dr and Mrs. B. drove up.

Nov 17th: Received a letter from Elise via Egypt.

Nov 18th: Nellie's birthday. Went down to church and lunched with the Blacks. Then called on the college matron and Mrs. Glocker. Bairauc and town very very gay. Wore my black dress as it was a little chilly. Wrote to Herbert when I returned.

Nov 19th: Been vaccinated this evening. Hope it will take, also Husfey and Citt Heluce. Beautiful day and quite fresh.

Nov 20th: Received a letter from mother and a post card from Amy Joly, also notice of my drill. Beautiful day went for a walk with Leah. Sewed, made a cake and wrote to Tottie.

Nov 21st: Busy day - Visiting day - Nurses better been bed with their vaccines. Wrote to Alfred - Received my drill which is so nice. Also, a letter from Herbert. Went for a walk with Leah. Gorgeous angry sunset and looking very like rain. Vaccine itching a little. Got a bit of a cold and feeling tired. Sewed - mended tec,

Nov 22nd: All as usual. Took walk with Leah in evening. No rain. Dr. went down to play football. Wrote to Hilda.

Nov 23rd: Aunt Julia expected from Nazareth and the other A. Julia from the hills. Beautiful day and so warm. Did more letter writing. Searched for gold, none.

Nov 24: Cloudy but not looking like rain. Went to walk with the hounds. Was given the first layothakia. Wrote more letters. Received notice of Dereas starting. Falmek left.

Nov 25th: Such rain and first thunderstorm during night. Went down to church, fine on going down but rained nearly all the time after 12 pm. So nice to have dear Aunt Julia back also Aunt Adele. A Emelia was there spending two nights with them. Shall not go down again on a wet Sunday. It is miserable returning. Letters from the absent members of the family which were read out loud and I enjoyed hearing them.

Nov 26th: Was in bed last night soon after 8 pm and had such a nice long rest. Rain all day. Wrote to Herbert and Jack.

Nov 27th: Rain bait not all day, was able to take a muddy walk with Leah. Wrote to Miss Hookey, received a letter from her yesterday also from Purdon, at last some snapshots.

Nov 28th: Such rain. Received yesterday 27th two Arabic books from Pardon. Now I must set to work and study. Dr. B. drove Edith A. out. So nice to see her. Leah's parents came and she cried so much and wanted to go with them. Spite of bad weather several visitors came for patients.

Nov 29th: Fine day. R. Remington turned up with Amy. So glad to see him again. Mrs. and Miss B. came up to see the Thuaites. Did much sewing. Finished mother's letter. Went for a short walk. Received a post card from Alfred. Saada left. Nov 30th: Glorious day - went for a lovely walk with Leah and got cyclemen and wild narcissus. Wrote to Purdon. Had supper at the Ts. Citt H. went to Beirut.

Dec 1st: Fine during day, rained in the evening - Went for a walk with Leah and got caught in it, but back on time before the downpour came down. Ts. bicycled down and had to return by carriage. Received a letter from Herbert. Patients quiet.

Dec 2nd: Did not go down to church went to chapel. Fine day. Went for long walk alone. Tea at the Waldmeier. Dr. B and Mrs. Joly came told me their Fred was ill and Aunt Julia wired for and she and Amy going to Nazareth. Hope it is nothing serious. Wrote to A Jessie. Gilbert and Tottie post card. Revaccinated.

Dec 3rd: Received three Smyrna letters - Mother, Grace and Aunt Agnes. An unexpected pleasure, as I expected the mall tomorrow. Rain nearly all day. Cleared up a little in the afternoon to allow of my going for a walk with Leah.

Dec 4th: Terrific gale all day. Tried to take Leah for a little walk but it was too wet, so went into the ws instead. Note from Aunt Katie. No further news of Fred except that he was ill. Such rain. Supper at the Ts. However, we will ever be able to dry our wash I don't know. Card from Miss Thom.

Dec 5th: Terrific wind and rain all night. No possibility of my going down to Beirut today. Thought the house would come down - such banging of shutters. Wind and rain all day. Commenced my letter to Mother, not able to go out a bit. Too bad even for Ackrama to go down.

Dec 6th: Received letters from Torrie and Jack. Trying hard for work and hoping soon to succeed. Rather homesick. Jack going to leave the Atkins as they are disagreeable to him. Had tea at the Ts. Went for a very nice walk and got cayothakia. Miss Talbot and her sister came up. Wrote to Tottie. Very windy, but no rain till 11pm

Dec 7th: Rained a little. Work as usual. Wrote to Alfred and Jack.

Dec 8th: Wrote to Herbert. Such a sultry day, felt so heavy and tired. rained off and on all day.

Dec 9th: Went down to church. Lunched at the Blacks. Went to see the Joly's. May also down with third typhoid. Helen better but so weak. Went for a long walk with Ronald and Edith. Spent the night there. R lunched and dined there.

Dec 10th: Shopped all the morning returned for lunch and back again to meet Mr Waldmiere and return with him. Hot walking and got tired out. Got back here 3:30 Wrote to Purdon went to bed early.

Dec 11th: Posted letters to Purdon, Tottie, Alfred, Jack, Herbert and 9 post cards. Bad headache all day. Weather so sultry. Went for or a long walk alone which did me good. Early to bed. Wrote to Grace - Commenced learnings G sentences.

Dec 12th: Rain nearly all day. No going out for a walk. Leah left. Such high wind - sewed and wrote etc.

Dec 13th: First cold day. Fine and went for a delightful walk. Finished Mother’s letter and prepared all my parcels. 22 post cards. from Smyrna. This cold does one good and braces one up. Received a note from Mrs. Crawford. My saddle had turned up I am glad. to say. Ackama must call for it when he has time.

Dec 14th: Another beautiful day. Went for a lovely walk directly after lunch and got a beautiful bunch of layouthakia and narcissus. Fine and cold, snow on the mountains. Received letters from Alfred, Alithea (Maggie’s aunt, Alithea Williamson) and notice of Prof. West's death.

Dec 15th: Meant to write a lot but Amy and Ronald turned up in the afternoon to take me down to spend the night. Had such a jolly evening and laughed so much. Aunt Julia and Amy returned on the 12th with Baby and nurse. So nice to have them back. Poor Aunt Julia suffering so much from muscular rheumatism. Are lamp first used also stove lamp.

Dec 16th: Lovely day and so warm went to church without a jacket. Ronald and L L represented the family. A. Julia keeping in bed. Went a delightful trip to Mameltein. Sunset simply glorious and waves grand. Passed by the Joly’s to enquire after children. Baby also down with typhoid. Spent the night again at the Blacks. No mail. Wrote to Tottie.

Dec 17th: Returned early and found all well here. Sirrocs blowing and very sultry and dusty. Afternoon very fine and warm. Received letter from Herbert, enclosing one from Tottie. She has got work at a fever stricken place but means to take care of herself. Hope she will take care and be alright. only 3 months engagement. Wrote to Alithea and Button. Received letter from Purdon enclosing one from Alithea, Neneka, and Aunt Louisa, so nice to see their handwriting. Washed my head. Started letter to Mother. Arc lamp fine and lights up all the place.

Dec 18th: Singly glorious day. Received letter from Mother and post card from Ethel. Mayor and Lieutenant spent the day in town, relief to have the latter away. Patients enjoyed their walk. I was busy and did not go far, only round the grounds. Note from Amy her mother much better. Continued Mother’s letter and after supper went over to the Ts. With my work. Received new patient, also Russian Jewess and knowing no Arabic.

Dec 19th: Received a letter from Purdon which I ought to have had last night. Advises me to sell my C. Fonicers and invest the money, which I will do, and must write to Uncle Charlie about them. Another beautiful day and so warm had to wear a cotton blouse. Wrote to Herbert. Post card from Alfred. Went a short walk with Judith. Sewed out in the sun and found it too hot. Ackrama back very late. Played patience no success.

Dec 20th: Warm but rather cloudy. Invitation for Tuesday 25th afternoon from the Brigstocks Did ironing after tea so did not go out. Let out the sleeves of my new blue dress. No letters. Addressed p.c. for Egypt. Finished H’s. letter and wrote a note to A. Jessie. Invited to two Xmas trees on Monday afternoon by the Waldmeier’s.

Dec 21st: A little cloudy but beautifully warm almost like summer. Went for a lovely walk to get red berries but was not successful. Bath day. Enjoyed my hot bath. No mall. Began letter to Tottie.

Dec 22nd: Fine warm day, tried to rain but soon cleared up. Went for a lovely walk both Mrs. McNutt and got flowers, got so hot and perspired. Put wash on to get done by Xmas. No letters no mall till 24th. Finished Tottie's letter. Went to bed and read a little, nights pretty hot.

Dec 23rd: Dear Alfred's birthday. I hope this will be a lucky year for him. Fine day warm. Did not go down to church, went to chapel here. Took a beautiful walk with Adele and rambled about and gathered flowers, out for two hours. On return found Dr. B. and Mr. and Mrs. Jessup here. Got such lovely ferns and daisies. Went to bed early. Went also and saw the Faduas who were delighted.

Dec 24th: Beautiful day. Went to Ocmas tree at clinique for patients and then to Waldmeiers for another. After went down to Beirut to spend two nights there. Lovely starlight night and enjoyed my drive. Steamer broken drown and no mail yet.

Dec 25th: Lovely day and so warm. Word my new dress - Ate two Xmas dinners, noon at Joly’s and night at Blacks. Enjoyed myself very much Children's party at the Brigstocks, was great fun.

Dec 26th: Returned this morning - Very dusty drive. Mail at last in. Had lots of letters and several cards - A photo from mother. Rather tired and went to bed early. The Ts went down to tennis. I hear Dr. Moore is ill in Hospital with typhoid. Hope it is not true. Cloudy and gray rather chilly. Went on with my long letter to mother. Found all well on my return. Sat with Mrs. M. a bit in the afternoon.

Dec 27th: All same as usual. Note from Amy saying the Hormigious arrive tomorrow and enclosing post card. from Egypt for Thuaites and myself. Commenced my shawl. Went to bed almost 12 am - Sat up playing patience determined not to give until successful. Very hot day. Invited to tea at the Ts. Sat out till sice. Dr. in white clothes and did not feel cold. Ackrama very late.

Dec 28th: Very warm in the morning but a little better in the afternoon. Posted a very long letter to mother, wrote also to Elise. Miss Gardener, Miss Oliver, and Miss Hayes came to call on me, enjoyed having them. Began a letter to Tottie also sent her a post card. Received a letter from Purdon enclosing credit Fancier winning numbers, no luck of course for me. Very windy all the morning, must have been rather rough for Daisy and Fred. Went for a short walk with my pup. One of the male patients is painting Mr. Waldmeier's picture and doing it very well. Looking very much like rain in the afternoon but all blew off by evening. Took my work and went over to the Ts.

Dec 29th: No rain yet. Went for a walk up the hill. Mail came in had Post cards from Jack and Miss Laton Brown and cards from Aunt Adele. Sat up till after 11 pm doing my shawl.

Dec 30th: Beautiful day and so warm had to put on a summer blouse before going for a walk. Did not go down to church as usual but to chapel here. Tree still up and after service the sweets and oranges were cut down for the patients. Went for a lovely walk to the aqueduct and got flowers for A. Katie whose birthday it is tomorrow. Had tea both the Ts. Finished Tottie's letter 3 1/2 pages, write also to Edma. Went to bed very early to make up for last night. Read a little in bed but soon asleep. Not many layothakia yet. Heard the Scrimgeores were leading today for Nazareth. A short stay of only 3 days. Last Sunday of the year. How time does fly and what changes it brings.

Dec 31st: Cloudy and tried to rain but cleared up. Still mild. Began my letter home and thought of all the dear ones. Dr. and Mrs. Adams came here in the afternoon also Dr. Webster and Dr Graham on inspection. Received a letter from Alithea enclosing copy of Tottie's letter. Took 16 days to come from Cairo and overweight. Note from Aunt Katie. Her birthday today. Went over to the Waldmeiers after supper for prayer. Tree still up and lookers very pretty lit. A photo is going to be taken of it with patients. Both very gracious. Portrait progressing. After ws went to the Ts for a bit till 10 pm. Dr's cold better. Worked at my shawl. Received cards from Leah for the New Year. Did not go for a walk took the air on the grounds instead. Patients all well and quiet. Very mild evening - staying up to see the New Year. Moon shining a bit. Hope it will keep fine till after the wash is over. My Smyrna mail tomorrow. Tottie’s letter most interesting though rather stale.


Jan 1st: New Year’s day. I sat up and saw the new year in. Quite mild and warm a little cloudy but no rain. No rain also today but about 9:30 pm it poured. Had supper at the Ts. Continued writing to Mother also commenced a letter to Tottie. No letters from home which is strange and I fully expected some.

Jan 2nd: Shoury day sometimes pouring, sometimes sunshine. The Patches came up to lunch at the Ts - quite warm. Dr. and Mrs. Mackie came up so nice to see them. Received my Smyrna letter today as mall was delayed. Had post card from Amy Joly and card from Herman.

Jan 3rd: Most glorious day, went for a walk with Adele. Received letter from Mrs. Protpazzi and Elise also cards from Tottie and Fan. So warm and nice in the sun, no winter as yet. Everything so green and flowers beginning to come up. Cut up marmalade. Washed hankies, ironed very tired from standing.

Jan 4th: Began lengthening my blue drill dress which got very short in the wash. Boiled marmalade. Tomorrow will cook again with sugar. The Miss Labils came and sat sometime with me. The eldest very nice, the little Alice too painted and made up. Asa was out and they could not her. Received a nice letter from Alithea. Had no time to write yesterday and I meant to get through such a lot. Was disturbed just as I was beginning by a patient getting hysterical. Bath day and had a delightful one. Such a beautiful sunset. Jan 5th: Cooked marmalade which is a great success. Beautiful day and so warm - wrote to Alfred and Pardon. Adele returned to school.

Jan 6th: Went down to town left here soon after 9:00 am wore my blue dress and found it almost too hot. Ronald returned from Aleppo and at the house also Aunt Emilia was there, went round by the Joly’s before church and found Helen a little better, cause of, return of fever and indigestion. Communion Sunday. After lunch we went for short walk and sat by the sea a bit. Had epiphany bun for tea which was excellent. Mrs. Thuaites found the bean. On return, finished Tottie's letter and began one to Button. Received one from her today and a card from Mrs. Daniels.

Jan 7th: Received new patient from Dr. Moore's hospital, mother and child. Very busy all day. Still mild - No rain. Card from the Countess so she is not vexed with me. Wrote to A. Jessie. Did not go for a walk, had too much writing to do.

Jan 8th: Posted 5 letters and one card, sat up last night till after 11 pm writing. New patient admitted bright and early. Cloudy but mild. New patient very excited. Very hot. No mail. Continued letter to Mother.

Jan 9th: Cooking marmalade all the afternoon. Received letters from Home, Mother and Nellie such an unexpected treat. Woken up early by the mother patient who was a bit excited. Jam a great success. Such a hot wind blowing. Too tired for writing letters tonight. Shawl progressing very slowly.

Jan 10th: Woken up early again as a patient had a fit. Such wind, also a little thunder and lightning during night. Rain at last, hope now it has come we will get plenty of it. Rain during the day off and on. Mrs. Dale and Miss Van Gandt came up to tea. No letters. Finished Mother’s letter and wrote to Mrs. Protopazzi and Elise. Went to bed early as I had a headache and took some tea.

Jan 11th: Received such a nice long letter from Tottie, she is determined to get me out. Rain in afternoon fine during morning. Mrs. T. making marmalade. Commenced my letter to Tottie.

Jan 12th: Rain all day. Received only a letter from Herbert. Finished letter to Tottie. Baby rather squealy really in the evening. Did a lot of my shawl. No walk for several days.

Jan 13th: Sunday but did not go down to town. Wrote all morning and spent my afternoon in bed with a hot water bottle and a book. Went for a short turning in the evening and on return in to the Waldmeiers and had some singing. Went to bed early as I felt sleepy. Baby good. Did not go to chapel here

Jan 14th: Greek New Year. Posted letters to Tottie, Herbert, Alithea and post card to Purdon. Used this week 27 sheets of paper, 108 pages. Cloudy but kept fine, went for a nice walk. Received letters from Mother, Grace, Ethel, and card from Mr. Rogers, who it seems is now married. Such nice letters. I wish I was with them in Smyrna, but my place does not seem to be there. No letter writing for a wonder. Admitted new patient, another Russian Jewess.

Jan 15th: Gentle rain all day just what was needed. Karman very ill all day with fits and Dr. not here. Did no letter writing. Rather cold and damp. Tho. lit their stove for first time. Was tired and went to bed early.

Jan 16th: Rain and visiting day and mud. Rain nearly all day. Woke. up late when my breakfast bell was ringing. Slept soundly all night. No mail. Jan 17th: Our man did not go down on account of rain, but it turned fairly fine after. Wrote to Nellie in the afternoon and after tea took a short turn. Rather cold and I lit my lamp for 2nd time this winter. Had supper at the Ts. Raining and thundering nearly all the evening. Mother and baby left.

Jan 18th: Dear Purdon's birthday. I hope he will have many happy returns. Bath day and woken at dawn by the noise. Lightning and thunder off and on all night and in the morning, rain all day. Lit my lamp. Received letter from Gracie from Cairo also from Purdon. Had a delightful hot bath and roasted myself. Began letter to Tottie. Worked at my shawl.

Jan 19th: Rained during morning but fine in the afternoon and went for a nice brisk walk. Very cold and heaps of snow on the mountains. No mail for us today as it came in late. Worked at my shawl and continued writing to Tottie. Lulu readmitted and very hysterical and nervous. Not going down tomorrow if it is rainy and cold. Trying to teach my dog to beg, but it seems hopeless.

Jan 20th: Cloudy and raw but cleared up in the afternoon and I went for a nice long walk - almost to Jamhoor, with the dogs. On my return had tea with Mrs. McNutt. Went to chapel here Ma'alim Riz preached, the patients were very funny and it was hard to keep a straight face. In the evening when the Ts returned from town where they had gone down for church. Dr. B and Mrs. Jessup and Mr. Brigstock and his friend came up with them and sat sometime talking. Wrote to Tottie and Alfred. Rain after supper, cold and went to bed early.

Jan 21st: Kept awake a good deal last night by that naughty Lulu and in consequence overslept myself and woke up with the breakfast bell ringing. Hate being late and dressing in a hurry the whole day seems wrong. Such an awful day, terrific wind and rain also thunder. The morning began by looking so fine. Had to keep everything tightly shut. Received a note from Edith. Almond who wonders what has become of me, I have not gone down for so long, also had a letter from Alithea who sends me the address for quarantine work. Now I must write and make enquiries. Worked at my shawl and read a bit. Poor Garelfy died, such a happy release for her. Felt too cold for letter writing, kept my lamp burning all day. Ran over for a few minutes to the Ts. to take the letter bag and on my return got quite wet. Poor Ackrama, I feel so sorry for him, however he is not going down tomorrow which will make up.

Jan 22nd: The howling wind continued as well all night. Tried to keep my window open but it was impossible so slept with it shut, the first time for ages. The cold bath like ice. Heaps of snow on the hills. The sea a mass of foam, how grand. The waves must be from near, but how I pity all who are on it. Such exciting news, received a letter from Tottie today saying Harry wanted to marry Ethel and if she is willing is to go out to him and I with her. I am pleased and almost sure Ethel will say yes. If we go I expect it will be soon, and what a fever of preparations We will be the next few months. I am anxiously waiting the next mail from Smyrna to see what they say. Wrote a long letter again to Tottie to tell her what I think of the news. Wind much better but still bitterly cold. Started a letter to Aunt Agnes. Grace will be sorry to lose Ethel. Kept my lamp lighting all day again. Give it up in the evening to the nurses upstairs and over in the other block they have the Drs. any amount of oil is used but that can’t be helped. This cold weather will not last very long. Ackrama went down after all, for Mr. Waldmeier was in town and he went to tell him not to return as there is to be a committee meeting tomorrow. If he had not gone down l would not have my letter and news today. Patients all quiet. Lulu not so noisy and silly. Mrs. T. thinks of taking her as a servant-later on when she is better. Went to bed rather late. Worked at my shawl. Took just one turn round the grounds.

Jan 23rd: Cold but not much wind today. Went for a nice long brisk walk up the road with the dogs. Committee meeting and the Dr. went down to it and return brought me two letters one from Herbert and one from the Cons. I was hoping to hear from Mother about the news, but it was too soon to do so. Must possess my soul in patience till Tuesday 28th, when the direct comes in and even then, I may not hear. Worked at my shawl extra today. Finished my letter to Aunt Agnes. Such a relief that the wind has dropped. Went to bed late and drank a hot cup of milk to warm me up. Received old patient readmitted. Mrs. McNutt been laid up with a bad cough. Such cold and snow on the mountains. To think of Hermon in this weather makes me shudder. Visiting day but not many visitors, more than I thought though would come.

Jan 24th: Wrote to Mother. Cold raw day did not venture out, besides I was busy letter writing. No letters today. For a wonder Ackrama returned early around 2. Mrs. Mc. better and up. Wind in the north and clearing up. Snowed a bit during afternoon. Mrs. W. and H. major and lieutenants went to town and brought the old man back. Wrote to Grace.

Jan 25th: Posted my credits to U. Charlie who will sell and invest them. Hope he will get them safe. Beautiful cloudless day and no wind but very cold. Freezing hard all night and plenty of ice and icicles about. Posted my letters to Mother and A. Agnes. How I long for the next Smyrna letters. My cold bath this morning was like jumping into snow but after I GET SO WARM AND FEEL IT DOES ME GOOD. Wind rose in the afternoon. Went for a brisk walk, but it was too cold out. No letters - mall to come in tomorrow. The mountains simply beautiful covered with snow - Intense cold all day. Went to bed early to get warm. Wrote to Violet: The aunts might send up a line to ask how I am. Dr. B. drove up, saw him from a distance. Wind dropped at night so hope it will turn south and get a little warmer even if it rains.

Jan 26th: Still intensely cold all day but not as bad as yesterday. Went to bed early to get warm last night and slept well all night, with anxiety and excitement. I had not slept much lately. The mail in but nothing for me. Went over to the Ts. to see if there was and then sat a bit with Mrs. McNutt and had a talk with her. Such a dear helpful lady. Worked at my shawl but did no letter writing. My bones quite ached with cold and I went to bed again early and drank some hot milk and whiskey to warm me up. Had such a nasty sick headache all day. Did not go out for a walk. The Ts. bicycled down to town and had tennis at the BS. What courage. Got back fairly early. Finished my letter to Violet. Don’t know what she will think of me, that I am craze most likely. Wrote post card to Herbert. Had such a nice long chat with Edith. I was glad to see she looked better.

Jan 28th: Beautiful day, warm, glorious, everyone thawing, hens cackling cocks crowing. Hope I might get my Smyrna letters today as the weather was fine and Ackrama late but not so I must possess my soul in patience till tomorrow. Went for a brisk walk up the hill with the two dogs. Glorious sunset - went after supper and sat with Mrs. M a bit as Ts. had gone down to Beirut to a concert at the Brigstocks. Went biking and had a fine moonlight night. Started letter to Tottie. Patients quiet.

Jan 29th: At last Tuesday has come and now I wonder what news I shall hear from home. Now I am living in hopes the mail was delayed and I shall hear tomorrow. Ackrama said it was. I was so sure I would hear and kept running out to see if Dr. Thualtes had returned from his clinique and brought any up. Only a note from Mrs. Joly in answer to mine about a servant. Mr. Ja birthday and they had a bachelor lunch. Dr. T also lunched there. Fine warm day though the sunset looked as if the weather was going to break up. Glad it kept fine for the wash to dry. Supped at the Ts. No walk only just a turn out the gate to meet Ackrama.

Jan 30th: Mail delayed so got my home letter today but most unsatisfactory, nothing can be decided before everyone all around is consulted. I don't know what to do. Will go down tomorrow and speak to Edith and perhaps W.J. I don’t like to go against everybody, if I go to Smyrna to pay them a visit and see Ethel before she goes - I must go for good or else decide to come back and stay here another year, for I can't have the expense of going and coming and going again. Heard from Alfred and he says why don't you come out. He has got work in Kimberley, I am glad to say. Really, I don’t know what to do first, saying one thing and then another. Work I shall always find, so why should I stay here? Now I must wait patiently till next Wednesday for the indirect when I might hear. I'm tired and going to bed very early. Rain and high wind started this evening.

Jan 31st: Rain in the morning but cleared up so went down to spend the day with Celt Lily. Had a nice day with her. Fine house but to my idea very ugly and so cold and comfortless inside. Left her at 4 pm and then I went on to Beirut and Cett Helene returned. Went straight to the Joly’s and being their receiving day round heaps of people there. Stayed on talking after they left as I wanted Edith's advice about my resigning and then Mrs. kept me for dinner, and I went on to the Blacks to the lecture with one and to spend the night. Lecture on Charlotte Bronte and as interest as such lectures can be, given by Mrs. Porter. Sat up so long talking to A. Katie. Dear old thing, how I shall miss her when I leave, and the rest of the dear family. Took my hot water tin down, but did not use it. Got so warm sitting by Mrs. Joly’s lovely fire. Rain at night.

Feb 1st: Returned here today went first down to the P.O. but there were no letters. Got two French stamps to write to Egypt for work and enclose them for replies. Went by Dr. L. clinique and he secured me a carriage and I drove up to the house and fetched my bag. Fine day but so warm. Have written to Dr. Jessup and resigned and now feel so relieved it is done. Lulu sat with me nearly all the afternoon and I talked to her while I worked. Went for a short walk but it was very muddy. Not very well today and have a little diarrhea. Bath day so I had a beautiful warm bath and went to bed early. Felt so tired and worn out as I had slept very little the night before. Woke up with such a fright in the morning to find myself at the Blacks. Found all well on my return. So nice to have mild weather again and now we shall soon have heaps of wildflowers. I wrote to Tottie before lunch. After read till 2pm then had a cup of coffee and took Lulu and went for a walk. Meant to right round and come up by the Hasmich but when I got to the bottom of the hill, I met Mrs. Crane and Miss Fish who were driving and wanted to go to the aqueducts so, I went with them. They had to get out of the carriage as it could go no further. We had a nice walk, both very pleasant. When we returned they got into their carriage and drove away and Lulu and I picked flowers got lovely layouthakia, but no dalethes yet. Came back pretty tired and read till after 5 pm and then started writing to Alfred, but Mrs. Thuaites who had just returned from town looked in and gave me the news. Mrs. McNutt had also gone down. Read a bit after supper and then finished Alfred's letter. My first to him at his new address, hope all my others to him at his old will be sent on to him. Did my round and was in bed before 9 pm.

Feb 4th: Another beautiful day - went for only a short walk and came in to write letters. Received one from U. Charlie who has received my credits safe and will sell and invest the money when there is a good chance. The old man quite affable over my going away. No letter from that lazy, good for nothing Aunt Jessie. Have written to Miss Smythe and Dr. Ruffer and now await answers. Will also write to the hospital at Port Said, if there is such a thing there. I should like to get work there very much. I would be near Purdon and near friends.

Feb 5th: Another beautiful day, but sun very hot and barometer falling. Went for a walk up the hill to my usual stopping place, with the two dogs. Mrs. Thuaites and Mrs. McNutt went down to town calling. A woman turned up and wants work, such a nuisance. I will give her a letter for Mrs. Joly and see what she says. Woman does not look very brilliant. No mail. Wrote to the Con. Getting quite cloudy tonight.

Feb 6th: Such a storm all night - thunder, lightning, rain, and some hail. Has been raining off and on nearly all day. Afternoon fairly fine so went for a turn but not very far as it was muddy. Had to chastise my puppy well for being naughty. Ackrama back very late. Had four letters and post card. One from Mother and it is quite settled that Ethel's marring Harry and goes out beginning of April. I am so pleased about it and sure she will be happy. I will have to leave for Smyrna either in 4 - 6 weeks. Just think of it and what a lot I have to do to get ready. I hope I will be able to find someone to take my place so that I may be free to go. One from Herbert, one from Elise and one from Miss Friend about the money for Miss Curtiss that I wrote to her about. The post card was from Tottie who had received Edith's letter. Also, a wide, wide world from Elise. Started my letter to Mother, must also write to Ethel and congratulate her. How I should like to go out with her and yet I don't want to go so far. A little cold and used my lamp.

Feb 7th: A little rain in the morning but fine after, promising to keep tomorrow and if so, I will go down and interview Dr. Jessup about my leaving before 1st May. Picked my first red laletha today on our grounds. Went a short walk, as it was muddy. Quite mild again. Finished all my Smyrna letters. Wrote to mother, Cons., Elise, Ethel and our Lou a birthday letter. It seems to be nothing but write, write, 10 letters posted this week. Feb 8th: Beautiful day so went down. Went by boaster and had to wait over 1/2 hour. Went first to the Press to see about some pictures being pressed. Then to Dr. Jessup’s. Found him in bed with a cold but he received me and as usual was most kind and said he saw no objection to my going away as soon as I wanted as long as someone else could do my work. Gave me a note for Dr. B. re Miss Kitchen. I do hope she will take it up. Then went to the Joly's and found only Edith in. Had a chat both her and then went to the Blacks and such a pleasant surprise found dear Miss Doubie there. Also, Ronald had returned and had taken up his quarters there. Aunt Julia V Dyke was better and sitting out. After lunch I went down town posted my letters did same shopping then on to the Dr. B's to see him, was lucky and found him in. He was just on the point of going to see Miss Kitchen and will let me know as soon as he hears. Got back early and went over to the T's for tea. Beirut was in a filthy, muddy state.

Feb 9th: Glorious day, rather busy giving out stores and putting away new soap. Picked several anemones on the ground and after lunch took a little walk and got quite a big bunch gave them all to Mrs. L. Received letters from Violet and Herbert. Feeling rather tired from yesterday and had a bad night, perhaps on account of some tea I took at supper. Had supper at the T's. Dr. B. has seen Miss Kitchen and she wants some days to think it over and to see me first. I was rather disappointed as I was hoping she would jump at it, but it is a serious thing to take up your life amongst lunatics and not a question to decide at a moment’s notice.

Feb 10th: Laundry - did not go down as I hoped to go on Wednesday. Have a had cold and feel cold and headachy. Went to chapel here. Day began fine but it is breaking up. Wrote to Tottie. Went for a short walk after lunch. Soon came back as I felt so tired. Dr. T. came and told me that Miss Kitchen has refused this post. Such a nuisance and I am so disappointed as I wanted to go home in March and thus see Ethel a bit before she left. Finished David Copperfield at last. I enjoyed reading it. Found two blue anemones out in my walk, one is a beauty. Had a note from Miss Van Jandy and some Hospitals I had lent her. Looking very much like rain tonight.

Feb 11th: Went to bed directly after supper and had some medicine Dr. gave me which has done me a lot of good. Commenced raining soon after 9 pm last night and raining today. Have written to Miss Hookey to ask her to apply if she wants, also to Alithea, who may know of someone. Wrote to Tottie as usual her weekly letter. Such a bother it is raining for the wash, but it may clear up. Rained nearly all day. Kept in the house on account of my cold. Headache. No letters from home. Perhaps the mail was delayed, only a note from A Jessie. Read a little but did no letter writing.

Feb 12th: Went to bed very early last night and feeling much better today. Rained nearly all night and such thunder and lightning during the night. Dr. T. went down to his clinique and brought up a letter from Tottie. Such news she is going to be married. I am so glad, glad and how happy dear Mother will be. But she gives no name or particulars so, I must wait till next week for them, rather tantalizing. I wrote to her a few lines to congratulate her. Also wrote to Purdon to tell him the news. A post card to Mother and Herbert. Won't Edith and the dear family be pleased. I am going down tomorrow for the party and will go early and tell them.

Feb 13th: Rained all day - Went downtown, left here about 9:30 am. Called first on Mrs. Kharsa and borrowed a Moslem dress from her. Then went to the Joly's and told them the news and all were so pleaded. Edith lent me her empire dress which I wore that night. Then went to the Black's and they were all so pleased. The party a great success and all the costumes looked very nice. We managed to come and go between the showers. Some of the valentines were very good. Dear A. Jessie looked so well and how nice to have her back - how we talked.

Feb 14: Returned here in time for lunch. Felt very cold all day. No letters from home which is strange. Used my lamp all the afternoon. Rained a bit during morning but cleared tip for the afternoon. Hope it will be fine tomorrow as Aunt Katie and Miss Dobbie are coming up. Went and had tea with the Ts. and told them all the news about the party. Did no letter writing but worked at my shawl.

Feb 15: A little cloudy but kept fine all day. The three aunts came up with Miss Dobbie, so delighted to see them. Mail was in but I had nothing - Monday perhaps I may hear from Egypt. Worked at by shawl. Heaps of pretty flowers brought me by the nurses. Bath day woken at dawn with the usual screams.

Feb 16th: Had a lovely hot bath last night and went to bed early and rested. Slept well. Morning a glorious day but afternoon grey and chilly. Two of Dr. Moore's nurses came up and I showed them all around. They know English fairly well. No letter from Egypt for me. Must wait until Monday. Had supper at the Ts. Did no letter writing but worked at my shawl. Busy in the morning giving out stores.

Feb 17th: Dull sirocco day. Did not go down to church, went to Chapel here Maalim Rig preached. Tried to go for a walk directly after lunch like a silly but it was too hot and I had to return. Got beautiful red anemonies. Wrote to Tottie in the evening. Read all the afternoon, finished the Red House a very pretty tale. Heaps of flowers brought me by Lulu. Her brother came up to see her today.

Feb 18th: Queer foggy day which ended in storm and rain and hail in the evening. Ronald's birthday 21. I wonder where he is spending it. Received a letter from Purdon, who gives me good news about his work. I hope he will have every success. Finished my letter to Tottie and wrote to Alfred. Went for a nice brisk walk which did me good, had not been out for so long.

Feb 19th: Rained hard nearly all day, cleared up a little in the evening to allow me to go for a brisk walk. Such a disappointment no letter from Tottie. Wrote to her today also Alfred and Miss Faulkner. Wasted my time trying to invent a fringe for my shawl. Old man come out in a new bournoe, thick for the rain, sent by the Lout. Quite chilly but not cold enough for the fire. Edith must not come up as long as it is wet. Such high wind all night also good deal of thunder. Played patience.

Feb 20th: April weather all day. Appeared fine in the afternoon and went for a walk with Lulu to get flowers, but the rain game and we got drenched. Our man did not. go down today so there were no letters. Decided on a pattern for the border of my shawl. Worked at my tea cloth which I mean as a wedding present for Ethel. Must also make one for Tottie. Got quite a good walk spit of the rain. Feeling so much better for regular exercise. Went to bed rather late last night.

Feb 21st: Only a wretched post card from Tottie and I am so disappointed, patience she has written to Purdon so I will hear in time. Miss Hookey has answered and she does not want to apply for my job, but Miss Monk a friend of hers has done so. I hope she will be satisfactory and able to come soon. I am longing to have it settled when I go, and longing also to be off. Feel so unsettled at present and not able to settle anything. Had notes from Edith, Amy, and Aunt Jessie. Rained all day and not able to get out. Lulu left today quite well and I hope it is the last time she falls ill. Patients rather troublesome today, perhaps because they have not been out for so long. Lulu took lovely flowers down with her. She worked me three little doylies of needle lace. Started the border of my shawl.

Feb 22nd: A month since I heard Ethel's news Tottie will soon be getting my letter about it now. Received letter from Dr. Ruffer, no vacancy. Received letter also from Miss Ashley asking for particulars about this place, and she said she had applied, so now there are two. She will be able to come about the end of March. Dr Jessup has written to both. I am so glad about it and hope one of them will be satisfactory and able to come soon. Wrote my letter to Tottie, as tomorrow, if fine, I want to go down town. Edith comes up on Sunday to stay a few says. Old man went down to Lilly's. Mr. Leilit arrives tomorrow early. Notes from Aunt Jessie and Edith. Answered Miss Ashley's letter and gave her information required.

Feb 23rd: Rain in the morning but beautiful afternoon and had a lovely long walk. When I got back just met Amy Nascon and Dr. B. driving out. They had been up while I was out. Had meant to go into town today but it was too wet in the morning. Received a letter from Mother giving some particulars of Tottie's engagement, also enclosing a letter of Tottie's. Made a cake which got burnt.

Feb 24th: Sunday did not go down. Edith came up. Went to chapel here and tea at the Ws. went for a nice walk. So nice to have someone to talk to.

Feb 25th: First real spring like day and quite hot. Went for a nice long walk before tea and then to tea at the Waldmeier's and how hungry we were. Received letter from Alithea enclosing Tottie's letter to Purdon giving details of her engagement. Also received one from Miss Smythe who has no work to offer me. Wrote to the English hospital in Port Said and posted my letter to Tottie and Miss Curtiss. Had supper at the Ts and spent a very nice evening there. Worked at Ethel's tea cloth today. I must try and finish before I leave. Alithea spoke of another nurse in Alexandria who was going to apply.

Feb 26th: Received letter from Ethel, Elise, post card from Tottie. Mother did not write. Dr. and Mrs. T. were in town and brought up our letters at noon. Very high wind about then and a few drops of rain but it cleared up and wind dropped and we went for a beautiful walk all right round the Hasmie and got such lovely anemonies. Had supper again at the Ts. Wrote to the Egypt Govers Hospital also for work. Worked at my tea cloth getting on nicely with it. Beautiful moonlight night.

Feb 27th: Such a nasty windy dusty day and cloudy. Not able to go out. Arthur's wedding day. Mrs. Joly came up for Edith started to rain just as they were leaving. Quite lonely without her. No letters for me. Wrote to Herbert. Worked on my cloth in the morning and shawl in the evening. Thunder about 8 p.m.

Feb 28th: Poured during night and rained off and on nearly all day. Able to go only for a very short turn. Commenced reading "Countess Schimmelmann". Worked hard at my cloth and shawl. Room turned out in the morning. Received letter from Edna but unable to read it, must wait till Mrs. L'Orange returns for her to read it to me. End of month how quickly this has gone. It will soon be time for me to begin packing and how excited I shall then be. It is well for some things that I do not yet know when I am to go.

March 1st: Day began by being beautiful but by night got cloudy and began to rain. It means an end to tomorrow's picnic. We seem fated not to be able to go. Worked hard at my cloth and getting on very nicely with it. I hope I shall be able to finish it before I leave. Only three weeks more, if I go on the day I hope. Have so many letters to write but can't settle down to it. Went for a nice long walk with the dogs, tried hard to teach Pompey to heel, but succeeded only for a bit. Judith so stupid over learning how to beg. Ackrama did not go down today, but went to Hacleth instead and fetched stores. The patients were able to go out for a walk in the afternoon. Bath day and had a lovely hot one before going to bed. Got some zaater (a culinary herb) out walking which I enjoyed at supper.

March 2nd: Mrs. L. read me Adma's letter and she is very well. Rained nearly all. Was able only to take a turn as far as the gate and got such a blowing. Quite cold also unusual for March here, and there are hardly any almond blossoms out. Poured and hailed in the evening. Poor Ackrama got drenched. No mail in yet so we won't get our letters till Monday. Intend goings down tomorrow for church, though I would much rather remain behind and write letters. If I go down will spend the night and do some shopping Monday morning. Patients all well and very few of them - only 24. Worked hard at my cloth and shawl.

March 3rd: Steady rain all day, unable to go down to church or even for a walk. Took some exercise here walking up and down the room and hall. Very cold and plenty of snow on the mountains. Thunder and lightning during night. Had tea at the T's. Wrote three letters in morning. No chapel as it was too wet to go down. Finished reading Countess Schimmelmann and found it very interesting.

March 4th: Such a cold day and heaps of snow on the mountains. Turned out a very day I went for a delightful walk up the hill and as usual brought back zaater with me. Received letter from Miss Hookey who says Miss Monk has had to withdraw her application owing to family reasons. and has to go back to England. Also, one from Alithea enclosing one from Tottie. A. was going to tell a nurse she knew to apply here. I am sorry about Miss M. as she seemed so promising, I hope someone will be found in time to allow of my going to see Ethel. Wrote to Alfred and added another sheet to Tottie's letter. Such hail during the night - also thunder and lightning. Went to bed early - slept well.

March 5th: Fine day. Went for a lovely walk with Shemsh and got flowers which I intend to send down to Aunt Adele tomorrow as it is her birthday. No letters and I was hoping to hear from Tottie, mail not in so I may hear tomorrow. Worked hard at my cloth.

March 6th: Sent down the flowers which gave great pleasure. Dull in the morning and started to rain about 10 a.m. and continued most of the day and night. Had supper at the T's. Did a lot of work. Received my letter from Tottie. She is getting married on the 30th of this month. I hope she will have a happy life and both keep well. She also sent me a Nursing Time with an account of nursing in South Africa. All put in it is quite true she says. Did not go out, too busy also it was wet.

March 7th: Rained off and on all day. Worked hard at my shawl and finished it about 9:30 pm. Dr. called out to Bramanna so I had to go and attend to Mrs. Saad. Copied Tottie's letter for Mother. Room turned out. Got quite stiff from working at my shawl for so long. I am glad it is finished at last. Received a new patient.

March 8th: Again rain. Received letter from Port Said, Lady Strangford Hospital, but no vacancy till October. Called to see Mrs. Saad who seemed better to me. Started working the corners of my tea cloth. Wrote to A. Bella (Maggie’s aunt Bella Williamson), Mother and started a letter to Tottie. Washed my head at last after about 3 months. Did stock taking.

March 9th: Rain again all day. Received only 3 local letters. One from Miss Friend telling me of a party going to Jerusalem which, if I can Manage, I shall join, as I may never again have the chance of going. Worked two corners of my cloth. Looking as if it might be fine tomorrow. I hoped so as I may to go down and pay goodbye calls and spend the night, and do some shopping on Monday morning. Had tea at the T's. Committee meeting this afternoon and Dr. and Mrs. Waldmeier went down to it. A fortnight today I shall be away from this place. How excited I am getting. Heaps of work to be got through. Used my lamp quite cold.

March 10th: Raining during morning but I went down early and saw the dear family before church. After lunch I started out and paid a lot of calls. Such nice people and how I will miss them. Come back quite late and feeling pretty tired. Spent the night in town. Dear Aunt Julia Van Dycke was there. Edith lunched with us. After dinner Violet's letters were read out to me.

March 11th: The day looked fine and sunny and I started off after breakfast for my shopping and suddenly I discovered it was raining hard. Finished all my shopping satisfactorily then got a carriage, went by the house and got my bag and returned here. Found A. Katie on the road going to see their new house so gave her a lift up to it. Kept fine for me to return. Smyrna mail but no letters. I may get them tomorrow. Worked at my cloth and went to bed rather late and feeling very tired.

March 12th: At last, a fine day and I hope it will keep so. Dr. brought up my Smyrna letters. A long one from Mother who has been ill with influenza, heard also from Grace, and Nellie. I am to go out to South Africa with Tottie, so I won't be able to go to Jerusalem. Received Nursing Times. Tottie and Mother enclosed a letter of hers. Such a sweet pjotoof the Treasure Nellie sent me. Went for a short walk, sat in the sun and worked.

March 13th: Another beautiful day. Patients went for two walks and enjoyed them. Received such a nice letter from the committee. Worked hard at my cloth. Took only a turn in the garden. Feeling tired and headachy. Kept my door open till quite late.

March 14th: Cilt Lily "laid down a beautiful boy this is morning at 6:30 suffered a good deal but the effort was a beautiful success". The killing way the news was put by Emile. The old man nearly off his head with joy. Woken up during night with such screams from Im Abdullah who dreamt someone had pulled her ears and woke up and seeing nobody near screamed at the night nurse and said she must have done it. A bit cloudy but such a warm day. Sat outside on the steps till after 6 pm. Also sat by my door and enjoyed the glorious view. Tho went down to town. Received a note from A Katie and Jessie enclosing Tottie's letter which I had sent down for them to read. Clouds blown away and such a beautiful night. Started on Tottie's tea cloth.

March 15th: Rain and winter today, quite cold and yesterday it was so warm. Finished all but a few stitches on Ethel's tea cloth. Sorted out old rubbish and burnt it. Worked at my other cloth, bath day and woken up with the usual screams of Im Adulla. Went to bed late and could not get to sleep perhaps because I had tea for supper. Got up early as I was woken by the bath noise and was dressed by 7 and soon afterwards started sewing. Wrote to Purdon. The mail to come in tomorrow. 18 of our beautiful hens stolen during the night and poor Sophia is so unhappy about it. The cute thieves choose all the big laying hens and left the young, and one was a closa.

March 16th: Beautiful day but the wind still south so I am afraid it may not be fine for Sunday. Busy sewing and arranging things. Pulled threads most of the afternoon and all of the evening. Had supper at the T's. I shall miss Mrs. very much. Rather windy and I hope it won't be so next Saturday. No mail in, not till tomorrow. Have not started writing any of my mail. Will do it on Monday. Did not go out.

March 17th: Sunday wet day. Went down to church. Carriage very late. Lunched at the Joly's and after went out calling and got so muddy. Received letter from Miss Faulkner and post card from Alfred who says it would be well for me to go out to S. Africa. Rather dull work saying goodbye. I hope it will turn fine for me to leave. Had supper at the T's. Next Sunday I will be on the sea.

March 18th: Got up with thunder and lightning and pouring rain and quite dark. When will the spring come? If only it would clear for me. Started letter to Tottie and wrote post card no time for letters. Very busy all day started packing and getting rid of rubbish. Rained nearly the whole day and quite chilly. Mr. W. used his heating lamp.

March 19th: Rained a little but managed to dry some clothes as there was wind. Getting on slowly with my packing. Miss Brystock and Miss Talbot up here and later the Dr. came and brought Edith. The afternoon was fine but it came on to rain pretty hard, but it was fine for their return. Took Mrs. W. over a little tea cloth. Had supped with them and both very gracious. No Egyptian letters.

March 20th: Most beautiful day so warm and bright - got on well with my packing. Dr. B. and Dr. and Mrs. Mackie came up in the afternoon, the two former to inspect. Received letter from Mercy. Tired from packing.

March 21st: Another beautiful day, had a bath or rather wash down and went to bed early and slept sound. Finished my packing and Ackrama corded down my boxes. Had supper at the T's. for the last time.

March 22nd: Got off at a little after 9 a.m. Everyone turned out to see me off. Fine day but a bit windy and very dusty. Stopped at the Press on my way down and bought an Arabis testament. Then drove straight to Cooks and deposited my luggage and got my ticket. Then went to the Blacks and left my small baggage and went with Aunt Adele to see their new house. Then to the Lalib's close by to leave cards, then to Mrs. Glockler to say goodbye and then to the hospital to Mrs. Dale and Miss Van Gandt and then back home. I was quite tired and hungry by then. The afternoon I stayed quietly at home to see as much as I could of the dear family. They all gave me such nice little birthday presents Edith and Mrs. Joly came to see me. After dinner two college gentlemen turned up so we went to bed quite late.

March 23rd: Got off this morning about 10:20. Cooko sent the carriage at 10. Mr. and Mrs. Joly were at the Port to say goodbye. All the dear family came on board except the told dear aunts Julia’s also Dr. B. A sirocco wind and the mountains shrouded in dust. I am so sorry, as I was looking forward to having a good last view of them. Unable even to see the waving from the house. The sea quite rough so very soon I had to retire to my berth and was very ill. March 24th: Too ill for words.

March 25th: Got to bathe about 10 am and as the motion stopped, I was able to crawl out of bed and dress and go on deck but it was very cold and I was miserable. Soon it was lunch time, but I could eat very little and after lunch retired to my berth again. It was drizzling and very chilly. Left at 8 pm and as soon as we got out of port it began to blow hard and how we tossed. It rained and hailed and blew nearly all night. I had a fellow passenger from Vathl, but she was very quiet and not sick. How cold it was and I could not get to sleep. Not the birthday I expected to spend.

March 25th: Got in very early and when my port hole was opened I fairly gasped to see the hills all covered with snow almost down to the ground. Never have I seen so much in Smyrna and the cold was intense. Gabrielle came on board and met me, as it was too early for the others to come. I had such trouble to get my boxes out of the hold and had to go myself down at last to identify them. I nearly froze till I got home. Dear Mother met me at the door and told me the girls had gone down so we must have missed. After a wash and some breakfast, I felt more like myself and soon people began dropping in one by one to see me. I can't bear to think of another sea journey at present. The treasure not very well so I went with Louisa and Ruth to see Nellie. The treasure is a duck and came to me at once. Had tea there then returned and looked in at Aunt Louisa's who dosed me with medicine. Must have caught a cold this morning as my nose is running. Bitterly cold day. After supper I washed my head and had a bath.

March 27th: Lovely day. Went to Bondyah by the 12:30 and saw all the dear ones there, caletha walk with Grace and stopped for the lecture on South Africa ,which was rather imprudent with my cold. Dosed myself with some more medicine on going to bed and we'll hope for the best.

March 31st: Easter Sunday and not well enough to go to church. Have a bad cold and headache. Such a whirl of work as we leave in a fortnight, it seems as if we cannot possibly get ready so soon.

April 13th: Left Smyrna 8 pm nearly died of seasickness.

April 15th: Arrived Alexandria and went by noon train to Cairo. Hamseen on, nearly died of thirst.

April 16th & 17th: Stayed in Cairo.

April 18th: Left Port Said by 11:00 am train. Saw Victor at Benha and George at Tsmailia. Stayed at Aunt Fannie’s till 20th.

April 20th: Went on board in the evening boat to leave 2:00 am. April 21st: Left Port Said at 11 am Saw Purdon at Tsmailia.

April 22nd: Arrived Suez.

April 27th: Reached Aden stayed a few hours - uninteresting looking place.

May 4th: Kelendini Landed and want to Mombasea (Kenya). Stayed only a few hours and went on to Langa where Miss Gibsons landed. May 5th: Zanzibar for a very short time and to Daresalaam (Tanzania), stayed 24 hrs landed.

May 7th: Back to Zanzibar, Landed, left during night.

May 10th: Chinde (Mozambique), stayed 22 hrs. Dreadful swell on. Qualm between these two dates, but not ill.

May 12th: Beira (Mozambique). Wire from Harry to land at Delagra Bay (Mozambique).

May 13th: Desolate, made Kolivah all day and feel unhappy and chokey. Grins of sympathy. Locked up the cards out of sight. Finished children’s letter, sent wire to Harry. Still Beira.

May 14th: Still Beira, kolivah again.

May 15th: 4 pm Left Beira

May 16th: sea

May 17th: Arrived about 9 am. Delayva Bay. Landed soon after 10. Alfred met us. Had to wait till the evening 8 pm for a train.

May 18th: All last night in the train and got into Johannesburg 4:20 pm Quite worn out to spend the night here and

journey tomorrow. Milly came to see us.

May 19th: Started train journey again at 9:30. Train packed as it was an excursion one and with difficulty got seats. Arrived in Kimberley (S. Africa) 12:15 am or rather early on the 20th.

May 20th: Harry met us. Uncle John (Maggie’s uncle John Williamson) was at the house to greet us. Went to bed and got up at 8 am. Had a busy day unpacking. John left.

May 21st: Ethel's wedding day. Started with rain but cleared up for us. Gone off for a few days honeymoon with Kitty.

May 22nd: Busy day.

May 23rd: Another busy day. Ethel back.

May 24th: Alfred back to work. Empire Day. Went to the gardens and saw the children.

May 25th: busy as usual:

May 26th: Ditto

May 27th: Sunday. Had several visitors. Harry took some photos. Made pilaf which was enjoyed. May 28th: Harry went back to work; Another busy day, beautiful weather.

May 29th: Fine day, went out a bit day, Did all kinds of work. Sryukakia a failure.

May 30th: Wash finished, beautiful mild day. Did not go out - stayed in and did some sewing instead. Ethel went out with Kitty - getting on fine and not so tired. Up early - made dolmathes. Hands still smelling of onions. Wrote some letters.

Dec 24th - 07: Of all Xmas eves this is the most extraordinary. Hot day. Stupid haffirs busy. Goose failure, tough. Two gentlemen in to supper. Not written any all these months, too lazy I suppose for which I am sorry now, as it is nice to look back. Nice home letters. Card from Mr. S. Went out a bit, ground covered with caterpillars.

Xmas day: Tired and cannot write much. Got up early and went to church. Hot day not a bit like Xmas. Wonder what all the dear ones are doing at home.


Diary of Margaret “Maggie” Lewis

Genealogy of Caleb W. Lawrence & Family